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Rated: E · Short Story · Educational · #2205195
A girl becomes blind after a concussion. She learns it’s not as bad as she once thought.
I was 16 at the time, and I had just gotten my driver’s license. I was out driving, and was coming home. It was getting late, so I was hoping to get there soon. Anyways, a light turned from red to green, and I lightly pushed down on the gas, looking both ways. When I was in the middle of the intersection, that’s when it happened. {ep:1}
I felt a lurch. My seatbelt snapped. I was thrown. All I remember is that I hit my head hard, and blacked out. Little did I know, it would stay black. {ep:2}
I grew conscious many times, not once seeing anything, then going unconscious again. Through these little snippets, I heard panicked voices, I felt movement of me rushing. Until, I regained consciousness fully. I opened my eyes. Except, I didn’t see anything. Panicked, I blinked a few times, and nothing changed. {ep:3}
I started screaming, and I heard a door open and close. I heard hurried footsteps come towards me, and I heard a woman’s soothing voice. “Honey, it’ll be okay. You’ll be okay. Your mother is here. Would you like her to come in?” I calmed down a bit, and someone else came in. “Oh, my baby girl. Leslie, oh, Leslie you’re okay, right?” I started crying, and said, “Where are you? I can’t see you! I can’t see anything... {ep:4}”
“Wh-What’s wrong with her?” I heard my mom say. “She seems to have lost her sight. She had a horrible concussion. It could’ve caused her blindness. {ep:5}”
At that moment, my world crashed. Everything changed for me, and it was never the same. My parents sent me away to a blind school. I learned a lot, and came back. When I went to go meet up with my old friends, they seemed cold, distant. My girlfriend broke up with me when she found out. {ep:6}
It was devastating for me, and I blamed everything on that driver. If only I knew who it was. Turns out he was drunk driving, and he was killed in the accident. No one ever told me who it was. Years later, now I’m 24 years old. I’ve finished college, gotten married, and now have a baby. {ep:7}
Becoming blind helped me not take anything for granted. I used to never think on what it would be like to not see, never worried about it. I always felt pity towards blind people, until I became one. Now, I see that becoming blind is just a great adventure. {ep:8}
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2205195-Darkened-Vision