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Shared universal tastes and usage gone global ought to inspire world unity

Everyone learns and counts with
what's known as the Arabic numerals
like many learn the Roman numerals

Whatever your race or clan
Anyone and everyone can:
Dine on delicious swiss rolls
Snack on french fries
Read the Arabian Nights
Eat the Danish pastry wow
Let the Spanish moss grow!

Sip cappuchino in their china
by the light of chinese lanterns
playing chinese checkers
Drink Irish coffee
dreaming the American dream
Have a scotch egg
Bind an old novel
with scotch tape.

Visit an Italianate villa
Wearing Cashmere sweaters
Ah, spread exquisite Persian rugs
Dress before Welsh dressers
Wear Morocco boots
Play Australian rules
Blow the English horn
Roast some Indian corn.
Relax in a Turkish Bath
Pass by a Dutch barn
Own an Afghan hound

Recline upon the Ottoman!
Pet and train a German shepherd
Get and gain a Siamese cat.
Taste the yorkshire pudding
Crack a Brazil nut
Watch sport fans
form a Mexican wave.
Worn the Dutch breeches?

Ok bear the Indian summer
Watch online
a Siberian tiger
Slice the swede (turnip)

Why yes, after all
the world we live in
is indeed a mega jumbo global village
It wasn't ever meant for war and pillage
So come one come all into the melting pot
Hate and fight no race be they Arab or Scot
It's a small world after all.
We dwell in a globular ball, merely a massive hall.
United we stand, divided we all fall.
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