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by Sam
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Its about humanity.

A Beggar

When the sun is down, Moon is beginning.

One day I am going to shop with my grandpa. Its like supermarket to by groceries and other product. When we was enter the shop my eyes see a beggar, his look was not so good, clothes was dirt look like his not taking a bath many few days.

I am asked my grandpa why he is so poor and don't have house, food and other things, he said many people who wants our lives without work they don't complete education not at all take responsibilities who became a beggar. My answer is given to me but I am not exactly getting and not satisfied. And forget the things and entered the shop we have purchase lots groceries item and my fav ice cream and we are came to billing counter its too big line for conduct billing, so I decide I am out of the shop and reach the parking lot and wait in a car. When I am out the shop, I am again looking to a beggar and I am think can I go for ask such things or go to the car and a wait a grandpa I am so confused and I am decide go to beggar, I am reached the beggar he was looking to me and don't ask me anything, I am told to beggar are you hungry you want some food he was still quiet not said anything I am again asking same but his not response, I want to talk to him so I am change my question this time I am ask hey you want some new clothes again no response I am tired lots of time and decide his dead and dumb and move to a car. I was sitting in car I am looking the beggar his also watching to me after a minutes his coming to me, I was scared and lock the car and closed the window his very close to car and hand throw window, I am very scared and shouted for help many time ask to help but no body was listening after a minute my grandpa was watching to me and came very fast he thinks I am in trouble my grandpa new to car and shouted hey what are you doing what do you want I am calling police you are thief why did you come to my car and scared to my grandson and abused the beggar, he was too quietly no response to grandpa, I am seeing the things and my eyes go through the beggar hand his having 10 dollar in a hand suddenly I was realise in my trouser back pocket have 10 dollar and I am very fast my hand moving to my pocket and I am surprise don't have 10 dollar again I am looking beggar hand and see the 10 dollar its my money maybe the money was drop down to my pocket and beggar has return to me then I am realized the biggest instant I am down car window and said to grandpa, hey grandpa please stop he was came for return to my money it by mistake to drop down on floor the beggar side, my grandpa was little confused and said what are you talking about. Beggar give it to me 10 dollar and return to road and finally he was said I am not beggar.

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