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A poem from a wife and mother to her husband.
“Farewell, to my Army Soldier, I love you dearly, but I must ask.... Do you see me?
As I put in work, in this relationship? Brick by Brick?
I presented my body like a punching bag. Hit by hit?
The Army? You’re gonna go to blows with their enemies......Fist by Fist?
But do you see me? Do you see the thanks I get?”

“You shouldn’t think that way baby, am I that invisible?
I thought our minds were one, I thought we were indivisible.
I thought we were better together than individual.
I thought we can sow together, so the blessings we reap can be residual.
You're leaving me? Huh? I guess that means you didn’t see me.... am I really that minuscule?
The Army needs me…. So Yes, I have to go. Why must you ridicule?
I have to walk, I have to run, I have to climb, crawl, and brawl, just to make sure where’re on that pedestal!”

“BUT WHAT ABOUT ME?, WHAT ABOUT HER? I guess we don’t matter???

I guess not.

But no matter…. how I use this shatter…. to elevate my brain matter,
I am going to continue to ask these questions, from the beginning to the latter....

Do you see me, Soldier?"

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