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Judge him if you will. You can hate and stay still, while I show you that He... is.. real.
His style is impeccable.
He rolls with a team of super-humans like Mr. Incredible.
He is like a monster and he's hungry;every one of you are looking extremely edible.
You can't perceive his words because his flow isn't legible.
Everything that your saying to him isn't credible.
He is the ingredient that you have to mix; He will fix the world with a hammer, like Felix.

He is extraordinary, un-ordinary, unorthodox, and esoteric; and trust me..... you don't have to get the lyric.

He is only loved by some, and misunderstood by most.
He doesn't like to boast, but you do; He will destroy you and watch you roast!
Your being is soft, but you act hard when the heat come, like a piece of toast!

His style is smoother than butter; don't you dare mutter those threats that you utter...
He can go back in time and smack the guy that impregnated your mother...
he laughs as he begs and he pleads, in hopes that the force of the smack actually scrambled his seed...
so that you never come on the scene...
or he may try to perceive, how you can still be here and breath after he destroyed your team....
He is getting out of line, he cant wait until the end time, He puts the symbol on his chest to show you your end time...
and at the same time, he makes sure his team doesn't come back to the same times.....

He see's you all as wicked, his destiny is sure as he yells out, " NONE CAN STOP ME"...... " I WILL SAVE THIS WORLD FROM ITS CAPTIVITY!
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