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From first meeting to a lifelong journey of learning. Together since 11.11.1982.
As a young person meeting in a social atmosphere, be it a party, a concert, a sporting event, sports you're both involved in or played as recreation, you are sometimes at your most vulnerable. You have let your guard down.

You've tried to keep certain emotions in check from the hurt you've endured, that's been scattered throughout your young life. These leave indelible imprints on a young psyche, which is hard to scrub from their minds.

You either move forward or revert inward. The latter, living a life of loneliness, laced with hate and jealousy of others.

They both chose the former, wearing their heart out openly, not knowing where it will lead them. They have never faltered, in the belief of true love, for anyone and everyone.

They are only two people in a diverse setting of friends and strangers. Some he may know, others she may know. Some neither knows.

Feeling more comfortable with one another, the barriers start tumbling down brick by brick. While everyone is mixing conversation, they start their own and soon they wish to be alone, in a more intimate atmosphere.

The two make their way off to a private setting for dinner at a local casual pub, wishing to explore this sudden attraction further.

They begin to feel they've known each other their entire lives, engaging in conversation and other small talk. Chatting about their childhood and friends they grew up with, their experiences as teens and young adults. As if, they both grew up together. Not knowing what the other is talking about, they look at one another and burst out in a hearty laugh, realizing they just met. How could they know the past of the other, prior to meeting? The comfort zone is incredible. To feel this, with a person you've just met a few hours ago. Both gave no mind to what was happening, it was so natural for both.

They have now been dating, for a few months. They do not rush into anything and take things slowly, to see where it may lead.

An epiphany grabs hold of both, the fire has been sparked, the embers begin to glow and the flames of passion have now engulfed the two newfound friends and lovers. It's, as if, they are living in a dream.

They both eventually commit to a life together. Everything will not be perfect and nothing ever will be. Perfection is not what they seek. Reality does check in, when the bumps in the road hit.

They build on their lives together with love, compassion, empathy and understanding for one another and others. As the years pass, they draw closer. Though their youth is still within each heart and mind, their bodies show the aging and wisdom of the years passed.

Still, they see the other as when they first met, as their gaze pierces deeply into the other. Their hearts are still filled with the passion that had drawn and kept them together. In the depth of the others being, intimacy has now been seared into both, burning brighter than any other flame, either has ever known. Their souls have touched. Their hearts beat as one.

There will be a day when both shall not be of this earth but their love that burned brightly for a lifetime, will now burn brightly for all eternity.

Your time together is but a mere blink of an eye. Cherish each moment as they pass. For those moments, you shall never see again.

With All My Love--Happy Anniversary, My Love.

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