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A re-upload of the chapters I contributed to superdude9's lost interactive "Tiny Tutor"
18+ only. This story contains a lot of farting, and a little scat content as well. Please consider yourself warned.

(Author's Note: I am not sure where superdude9 has disappeared to, but I hope they are well. Their contributions to this site will be sorely missed. I would have reuploaded these chapters sooner, but I originally did not have a backup copy until some friends helped me find an archived version I was previously unaware of. I'm grateful to them that I can now re-publish this small story for you all. Many other chapters from this interactive have been recovered too, though equally as many are still lost. If there is sufficient interest, I could at the very least re-upload the chapters that precede mine in this storyline, to give you the proper context. Feel free to reach out if you'd like to see that. For now, however, here is a summary of the story leading up to the beginning of my chapters, originally written by authors superdude9, Azazel-8, and ssevil:

SUMMARY: Samuel Reynolds is a squishy one inch tall guy, 22 years old, looking to start a private tutoring business. Before he can get it off the ground, however, he's paid a visit by his Aunt Mia and her two daughters, Charlotte and Chloe. Mia invites Sammy to bond over some yoga, but things go horribly wrong when the sadistic Charlotte tricks Mia into forgetting he's there. Taking advantage of Sammy's ability to be molded like putty, Charlotte fashions him into a sweat towel for the unaware Mia to use.

After an extended session of Mia rubbing Sammy all over her body, Charlotte reveals her trick, but claims it was Sammy's idea. With no proper mouth to protest with, Sammy is left helpless as Mia becomes increasingly convinced that her little nephew has a crush on her and loves being used as her towel.

In an act of passion, Mia decides to shove Sammy into her panties, which proves to ultimately be his undoing as he is left there for an extended period of time to experience the poor hygiene of Mia's butt. When confronted about Sammy's disappearance, Mia quickly makes up a lie about him leaving to visit a client, but as she becomes increasingly distracted by the rest of the family, she starts to forget what really happened and believe her own made-up story.

Subjected to constant pressure and heat within Mia's butt, Sammy is squished deeply into the thong Mia is wearing, so deeply that he begins to actually fuse into it. All the while, Mia happily spends time with her family, Sammy's body already registering in her mind as little more than an extra-comfy thong. By the next morning, she's completely forgotten where he really is. At this rate, Sammy's sister Stacy, who always tries to keep an eye out for him, may be his only hope at ever getting back to normal... (As is often the standard with these interactives, this story refers to the main character in the second person.)

Chapter 1 - Multi-Purpose Panties?!

Mia soon arrived at her destination, the spare room she had converted into a makeshift yoga studio the previous day. As she began her warmup stretches in preparation for her morning yoga routine, you were jostled wildly, your captor's jiggly cheeks chewing you up with each movement of her body. Knowing you were in for more torture if you didn't somehow make your escape, you tried desperately once again to get Mia's attention. You couldn't believe she had already forgotten you in just a single day!

"Mia!! Down here!!" you tried to yell, but with only your tongue functional, you could do little more than vibrate. To make matters worse, unless you were mistaken, the vibrations you produced were even weaker than they were last night. Was Mia's ass doing such a number on you that your body was just giving up on reforming altogether?? You had to hold out hope that this wasn't the case, as Mia was the only one who knew where you really were right now. Or at least, she would be if it hadn't slipped her mind.

"Mmh, I'm getting kind of itchy down there..." Mia said aloud, to no one in particular. "I wonder if I can just..." Just as you were about to shout again, trying to get her to remove her thong and look for you, an enormous gust of air fluttered out from between her cheeks, flapping your body around as it went. Forced to take the full brunt of the blast with your outstretched tongue, you coughed and gagged, unable to keep up your buzzing.

"It worked! I can be so clever sometimes." Mia giggled to herself, before launching into her first pose of the day. You, meanwhile, were just about ready to give up on the buzzing idea. It seemed every time you vibrated, it only prompted Mia to mash your tongue up against her hole, or simply fart on you until you stopped. You were getting quite tired of both results.

Mia took you through pose after pose, at times sticking you straight up into the air (the gravity of which wedged you deeper into her crack), and other times bearing down on you with her entire body weight. You were getting so mangled, you knew at this point that you'd never be free of this terrible thong unless you had outside help. You could only hope your family would be able to put the pieces together before something worse happened...

After an entire hour of sweaty, not to mention gassy, stretching, Mia finally laid back against the wall, satisfied with her workout. Leaning over and reaching into the gym bag she had brought with her from home, she rummaged around for a sweat rag, but couldn't seem to find any of the three she had packed. What she didn't realize is that Charlotte, in her previous gambit to trick her mother into using you as a sweat towel, had taken the towels out of her bag and hidden them somewhere else, in order to make sure you got thoroughly used.

"Ah, rats. What happened to all my towels? I almost always remember to bring them with me!" Mia knew she was already planning on taking a shower right after this, but what was she going to do for her evening yoga? Or the next day? She certainly couldn't be expected to take a shower every time, she had more important things to be doing! Placing her hands on her hips as she got up to a kneeling position, she had a sudden realization. "Weird, my rear is a lot drier than it usually is... Oh wait, that's right! It's these new panties I've been wearing, they soaked up all the sweat for me! These things are great! ...Where did I get them again?"

Just then, as if answering her question, Charlotte walked by the doorway, on her way to breakfast. Seeing her mother, she stopped and poked her head back into the room. "Oh, Mom, Aunt Shannon made breakfast for us, you should get ready to eat. It's pancakes, I think."

"Ooh, pancakes! Be right there, honey." Wanting to waste no time, Mia decided that her shower could wait until after breakfast. She had already waited this long, right? She didn't want to be too smelly in front of her relatives, though, so she reached over for her sweat towel, and... "Oh, right. Still no towel."
Suddenly, something clicked in her brain, bringing memories of the previous day rushing back. "Wait, Charlotte! That's right! Charlotte gave me her sweat towel, and then I sat on it and squished it into my thong! That's why it's so absorbent!" She flashed a proud smile, satisfied that she'd solved the mystery she'd been wondering about. As she stood up, this realization was quickly followed by another idea. "Well, since this thong is part sweat rag, I wonder...?"

Mia looked around to see if anyone was watching, then walked over and closed the door to give herself some privacy. She then removed her yoga pants and her panties, and brought the underwear up to her face. You cowered in fear as you saw her enormous features up close for the second time that day. This couldn't mean anything good. Once again she looked all along your body, though you were so tightly pressed into the fibers of the thong that your only distinguishing feature was your tongue. That itself was difficult to make out, as all of the dirt and grime from Mia's disgusting asscrack had stained it a dark color that somewhat blended in against the backdrop of the black thong. You felt a gust of wind along your body, though this one was quite different from the ones Mia usually subjected you to. It seemed she was taking a deep breath inwards.

"Wow, this thing really works! No scent at all! I'll have to thank Charlotte later." You thought this might be the end of your misery for now, but what Mia did next shocked you deeply. Instead of tossing you to the ground and getting a new change of clothes, she took the thong you were trapped in and began to wipe it across her forehead! You got another full tour of the sweatiest parts of your aunt's body as she proceeded to reuse the thong she had just been wearing, and farted into dozens of times, as a rag to wipe herself off. Just how disgusting was this woman?! Satisfied with her cleaning job, she then stepped back into you, covering you up with her yoga pants once again as you nestled back into place between her cheeks. As soon as you were in position, her anus let out a small toot, Mia herself barely paying any attention to the action. She was already focused on heading down the hall for a delicious pancake breakfast. You prayed silently that the rest of your family could piece together the circumstances of your disappearance, as Mia's memory seemed to have somehow completely skipped over Charlotte telling her you were her sweat towel. You had a bad feeling that if something didn't happen soon, you'd be tasting these pancakes too... after they had already gone through Mia first.

Chapter 2 - Breakfast for Two

Grabbing a large plateful of homemade pancakes, Mia took a seat at the kitchen table. The rest of the family followed suit, and soon they were happily chatting as they ate their breakfast, unaware that you were stuck stewing in your aunt's filth right beside them. Shannon was the first to strike up the conversation, "So, Mia, what are you up to today?"

"Well, since we're having our little family vacation, I figured I'd just relax today with a little yoga. Nothing serious!"

Charlotte and Chloe met eyes from across the table, both unsurprised that their mother would decide to unwind from her job as a yoga instructor by doing more yoga.

"What about you, Chloe?" Shannon continued asking around the table, curious what her extended family liked to do for fun.

"Today's an event day for FGO, so I think I'm gonna grind that for a while."

"A what?"

"It's a... phone game."

"Oh! That sounds nice, then. Now, Charlotte..."

Each member of the family took turns detailing their plans for the day, with several small side conversations breaking out here and there. For your part, you were at least glad to hear your family having a good time, though it was bittersweet knowing you were missing out on it. Listening intently to Stacy as she talked about where she'd be meeting her friends this afternoon, you were unable to brace yourself before Mia let out a long puff of gas into your face. It hissed slowly as it went, subtle in sound but certainly not in smell. As no one had been talking to her at that moment, she secretively turned her head, looking around the table to see if anyone had noticed, at least among the relatives she was trying to be polite for. She felt no need to be modest around her daughters. They already knew fully well how gross she could be behind closed doors, and she didn't mind that they did.

To her glee, the stink from her butt bomb remained firmly trapped within her yoga pants, and she smiled knowing she had her ingenious thong invention to thank for that. Just another one of its many uses!

The conversation eventually wound down, everyone having already cleaned their plate long ago. Chloe wasted no time in getting up, immediately slinking off to the bedroom she had chosen the previous night, and it wasn't long before the others dispersed to enjoy the many activities they had just discussed. Mia herself headed straight for the shower, finally deciding that she had put it off long enough. Thankfully, even she wasn't crazy enough to shower with her clothes on, and you soon found yourself sliding down and around her massive buttcheeks as she took you and the yoga pants surrounding you off in one smooth motion. She kicked you and the rest of her clothes into the corner of the room, leaving you to contemplate your fate as she stepped into the shower.

Without her big round butt filling up the space around you, it became immediately easier for you to breathe, though the scent from inside of her dirty, musky yoga pants was only slightly better without her ass in them. More importantly, this meant that you finally had a chance to focus on reforming, and so you poured every ounce of willpower you could manage into regaining your human shape. You started with just one hand, though it was a little difficult to tell where your hand even was with how jumbled up your body had gotten. Your brain sent a signal to your fingers, trying to get them to splay out, or wiggle, but you got no response. Must still be too early in the process for that, you figured. Remembering that you could still vibrate, you elected to do that instead, hoping it would eventually force your body back out of the thong you were entangled deeply within. There was no mistaking it this time, though. Your ability to buzz your body was definitely getting weaker as Mia's ass subjected you to more and more pressure.

Running the scenario through in your head, you figured your two best options at this point were Stacy trying to check up on you, or your family realizing you weren't with a client once you'd been missing longer than a week. Neither sounded especially promising. You knew that no matter what happened, you'd need to keep up your strength and hold out against the horrors of Mia's butt until you could be rescued. If things continued at their current pace, within a few days you'd be so obliterated by the sheer dominating force of your oblivious aunt's rear that you would be functionally indistinguishable from a regular thong, except for your body's abnormally high absorbency. If that happened, you were as good as dead. Actually, worse, probably. Not wanting to dwell on that thought, you redoubled your vibrating for as long as you could.


Mia stepped out of the shower with a slight haste to her motions, sloppily drying off her soaking body with a nearby towel before rushing over to the toilet and plopping her still damp butt firmly onto the seat. "Figures! I never have to go before I get in the shower... Oh well." Sitting across the room from your aunt, you heard all too clearly as she proceeded to violently evacuate her bowels into the toilet below. Definitely not a sound you ever wanted to experience, you thought. After a short time, she got up just as quickly as she had sat down, grabbing her towel off the floor and wrapping it around her torso. She then walked over to you and scooped up your clothes pile, carrying everything back to your bedroom. As you sat cradled in her arms, her sizeable chest smushing up against you, you realized with dismay that she hadn't wiped. From the looks of it, in fact, she never had any intention of doing so.

She soon arrived at your room, gently shutting the door behind her before dumping you and the other clothes all over the floor. She reached into her suitcase, presumably looking for a change of clothes, but instead you saw the cover of a paperback book. "101 Daily Wisdoms for Yoga Lovers"? Still clad only in a towel, she flopped onto your bed, apparently deciding that getting dressed could wait. You were grateful, though, as this meant you had a wider window to loosen the thong's hold on your body. You wiggled with all your might, hoping that something would come of it, while a few feet away Mia chuckled to herself, occasionally exclaiming things like "That's so true! I love it!"

After only about fifteen minutes, however, Mia's stomach grumbled. "Mmh... Thought I got all this out earlier..." Her mind wandered to several poses that were great for relieving indigestion, but as she thought about it, she wasn't quite ready to put down her book just yet. She lowered her eyes back to her reading, half-aware as she ripped a loud fart into her towel. The fart that soon followed the first proved to be a bit wetter than she had anticipated, and she paused what she was doing to check behind her and make sure she hadn't ruined her sister's clean towel. Thankfully, she hadn't gotten anything on it, but you watched her expression cloud as the gears turned in her head. She glanced around the room as she pondered, her eyes slowly coming to a stop right as they met yours. Your heart stopped as she sprung up from the bed and walked to where you had fallen on the carpet. "Silly me! Should have done this in the first place. Duh."

Mia scooted you back up her thighs, your only break thus far coming to an abrupt end. To your intense chagrin, this was an all-new, fresh hell. You could see right away the horrifying aftermath of her neglectful anal hygiene. You spotted several small bits of shit clinging to her pucker as she brought you up to face it, and you could already guess exactly how this was going to pan out.

Exactly as your rotten luck would have it, Mia hopped right back onto your bed after you were securely in place, now sitting back against your headboard with only a scanty thong to cover herself. As she bounced into place, your tongue, flatter than before but still distinct from the rest of you, slingshotted right to her asshole, almost magnetically. You were forced to drag your tongue along the inside of her crack, licking up some of the waste she had left behind. Feeling this, your unassuming aunt twisted her hips, angling herself to get her thong to absorb all of her anal residue as she continued her casual reading. This was quickly followed by another fart, this one much wetter than the two earlier ones. With a loud SPLORT, you felt a fresh layer of shit coat your tongue, which you had no choice but to lick up as well. This proved to be too much for you, and you broke down sobbing in your head even as you continued to swallow the waste that Mia force-fed you.

Once she felt satisfied with her latest bowel movement, and had reached a good stopping point in her book, Mia looked down over her shoulder, snapping open the waistband of her thong to get a look at the inside of it. You shriveled in fear under her gaze, her relaxed, casual expression seeming like the cold stare of an uncaring goddess. If only she had known that she had just used her own nephew as living toilet paper, perhaps things would be different. Though considering how she had been talking to you yesterday, maybe not. One thing was for certain, and that was that you had to get away from this woman as soon as you possibly could. Though as she slid a clean pair of leggings over you and wandered off with you firmly nestled around her hips, you weren't confident you'd ever get the chance.

Chapter 3 - Life As Mia's Favorite Thong, Part 2
(Part 1 was an earlier chapter by ssevil)

"Aunt Mia, did Sammy tell you the name of the student he left to go tutor? He's not answering his phone..."

Caught off guard by Stacy's out of the blue question, Mia racked her brain for details of your whereabouts.

"That's funny... I'm positive he's off tutoring, but I don't remember the conversation we had before he left at all! Sorry, Stacy."

Stacy held back clear frustration with Mia's unhelpful reply. "Please try to remember anything you can, okay? It's not like him to just take off suddenly like that! I'm worried something might have happened..."

"I'll give it some more thought, dear, but I'm sure Sammy is fine, whoever he's tutoring. Shannon tells me he goes missing all the time, and he always comes back sooner or later, right? This should go the same way!"

"I suppose..." Stacy wandered off into another room, her complexion clouded with worry. You wished desperately that she'd search her family members' bodies before she missed the chance, but thanks to Mia's lie, her mind was on completely the wrong track. She wasn't even considering the possibility that you could still be at home. Mia, for her part, quickly shrugged off the concerns Stacy had brought up, getting distracted almost instantly. She felt like she hadn't spoken to Shannon much that day, and spending time with her sister was the whole reason for her visit! Setting off in search of her sibling, she took a brief moment to scratch an itch through her leggings.

You groaned weakly as Mia's fingernails drove you face first deeper into her sweaty asscheeks. It had been five days now since Mia had imprisoned you in her panties and forgotten about you, and the whole experience had certainly not gotten any easier with time. The constant barrage of butt sweat and farts, along with the skid marks she continually left on you, had well and truly worn you down.

You had been in some nasty situations before, but this side of your aunt barely seemed human. Faced with such dire circumstances, it was extremely difficult to focus on anything else. Your only reprieve in the last several days was the occasional few minutes where she would pull you down to use the bathroom, which was hardly any consolation considering what usually followed. Hours upon hours of being sat on and mashed around her ample rear had taken a physical toll, too, and almost nothing now remained of your tongue, the last vestige of your human form.

You felt your world swoop down as Mia lowered herself onto the living room couch for an afternoon chat, but the weight of her ass barely registered. The pressure of her sitting on you had practically become second nature. After all, that's what you do with underwear, and that's all you really were to your aunt now...


Eventually, the day of reckoning had arrived. Mia stood in your room, naked from the waist down except for you as she gathered her loose piles of belongings and stuffed them back into her suitcase. You felt a foreboding sense of finality from the glimpses of your bedroom that you caught from between Mia's cheeks, as though you were saying goodbye to the place you had called home all your life. You knew Stacy would check everybody before they left, though, so surely she'd find you and everything would be okay, right? You tried to wiggle and shake, to see if you could give Stacy a better chance of spotting you when she looked, but by this point you couldn't manage any motion at all. Your fate would have to come down to her attentive eye, and nothing more.


Finding nothing amiss with Chloe, Stacy straightened back up. "Okay, you can put your shoes back on, now. Sorry, you know I have to do this just in case."

Chloe remained silent, but her uncomfortable expression displayed quite clearly how she felt about the Sammy Search. Why did her cousin have to be so weird about this stuff?

Hearing this, you knew that meant it was Mia's turn to be frisked. You waited in deep trepidation as Stacy slowly worked her way around Mia's upper body, not finding anything out of the ordinary on or in her clothing. She then came to you, first stretching out the waistband in the front, then moving to the back. You looked right into her eyes, her face mere inches from yours, and focused every last bit of your mental power towards sending her a signal. She looked you up and down, and then... the waistband snapped you back between Mia's cheeks as Stacy moved on to check her legs and feet.

"I knew it was unlikely, but part of me was really hoping he'd be stuck to one of you somewhere. I guess he really is tutoring somebody."

"His contracts are usually just for the week, right? So he should be coming home any day now!" Shannon offered helpfully.

"Oh, right, I haven't looked you over yet, Mom. I'll wait 'til after we send everybody off, though, since you're not going anywhere."

"If you insist, dear. I haven't seen him on me, though."


A loud fart from Mia's rear woke you from your restless slumber. Feeling gravity holding you snugly against her anus, you could tell that she must have her ass up in the air as part of some yoga routine.

"Oh! Excuse me. As you can see, this pose is wonderful for the stomach, as it..."

You heard Mia rambling on to her students about something banal. You had heard every part of her daily class many times by now, so it all kind of blended together. You hated to admit it, but after several months, you had gotten used to most parts of your new life as Mia's thong. Even the reeking scent of her ass and the gas it produced didn't bother you too much now. It at least kept things sort of interesting.

Mia soon brought her class to a close, and you jiggled inside of her ass as she made her way to the public restrooms down the hall. As she took you off and let you fall to her ankles, you took in as much as you could of the outside world while you had the chance. You could still remember pretty clearly what the world looked like outside of bathroom stalls and the inside of Mia's shorts, but you rarely got to experience anything else anymore. You looked up at the towering form of your aunt as she struggled with her latest bowel movement, not able to see much beyond her legs and the tops of her knees. You sighed, remembering fondly a time when she had just been your eccentric aunt who occasionally came to visit. A time when you got to mingle and converse with other people, instead of only catching bits and pieces of others' conversations. But that time had ended long ago, as you would soon be reminded.

"Out of paper again? What do we pay these janitors for?? ...Good thing I'm always wearing my genius invention!"

Mia stood up, then stooped over to grab you in her hands. She pulled you up around her butt as she would normally do, but then stretched out your fabric as wide as it would go, and rubbed you all along her crack. Your tongue, melded seamlessly into the fabric of the thong but still fully functional, lapped away as Mia carefully ensured every inch of her ass was free of shit. You weren't sure if this was better or worse than the days when she didn't try to wipe at all. It all seemed to end up in your mouth anyways.

Having finished the task at hand, Mia once again returned you to your permanent home, shrouding you in darkness as she pulled her workout shorts back up over you.

"Really should get around to patenting this thing. Best idea I ever had!" Giggling to herself, Mia headed off towards the next class she was scheduled to teach, looking forward to another day of doing what she loved.


Stacy and the others had tried desperately to find you after several days since Mia's fateful visit, but there was simply nothing left of you to find. Even Charlotte, who would have loved knowing about your secret torture, was under the impression that you had gone missing tutoring a client and never returned. As time passed, Mia's unfortunate lie became reality to everyone but yourself, and after a year of searching, all your family could do was try to move on, and hope that someday you'd turn up somehow. You still got to hear their voices from time to time whenever Mia would come over to your old house, though it was getting more difficult to remember what their faces looked like. Even Mia's face was a hazy memory, as you only ever caught a fleeting glimpse of it when she'd step in and out of you to take a shower. To the entire world, your identity and your role was truly nothing more than a plain black thong, one that your captor never took off.


You happily soaked up fart after fart as your owner relentlessly unleashed them into you. It wasn't much, but you were glad you could make her life better in this small way. Mopping up her ass sweat, making sure to inhale all her gas so it wouldn't leak out, you took pride in knowing that you were the best pair of panties a woman could ask for. You were a little disappointed that you were no longer unique, after your owner had successfully developed a line of workout underwear with absorbent pads modeled after you, but at least you helped inspire her! And even after she had many other thongs just like you to choose from, she still wore you every day. You were eternally grateful to her for that. You knew someday your fabric would wear out and she'd have to throw you away, but until then you were glad you could serve her ass, as you were always meant to.

It had been a few hours since your last proper meal... You hoped she'd feed you soon.

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