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by Sammy
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Death · #2205431
A poem about love amongst other things.
Sometimes what we want in life is unattainable
a love for instance.
You may adore a person.
But never have the confidence to speak to them.
And in not doing so condemning yourself to solitude.
Living alone.
Shutting yourself off from the world around you.

This is when some of you may find new love
it will be perhaps a thirst for knowledge.
You may start to hoard books.
In the hope of finding some antediluvian secret.
Which may give you purpose.
Until eventually you're brain breaks down.

Of course instead of lust for knowledge
you may hunger for the infectious diseases
of money and power.
These will try to corrupt your soul.
Whatever happens, all these scenarios
end in you
dying alone.

So don't allow yourself to fall into isolation.
Pursue your love and passion
until the very end.
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