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A collection of traditional Haiku poetry
Haiku #1a
The first snow falls
in pearls that veil gilded leaves,
No! No! Crows protest.

Haiku #2a
The sun soothes my face
the lake breeze refreshes me
-OUCH- mosquito bite.

Haiku #3a
Prone on a grass mat
the earth warms me as I sleep
lost in a nightmare.

Haiku #4a
Gifts that come in spring
fresh from the heart of nature
another newborn.

Haiku #5
Springtime lightning bolts
that make newborn babies cry
touch the roots of life.

Haiku #6a
A parakeet lands
on a budding branch and sings
as my soul seeks love.

Haiku #7
Hungry raven chicks
cry out to parents for food
while drear hymns echo.

Haiku #8a
Pounding winter wind
bend branches of barren trees
while I'm warm in bed.

Haiku #9a
From the winter fields
through a small basement hole
SNAP-suffer no more.

Haiku #10a
Cats lounge by the fire
Dogs dream upon pillowed chairs
Wolves starve in the cold.

Haiku #11a
All his waking life
he's trusted those gone before
the entire world changed.

Haiku #12a
Choked by autumn growth
a lone rose goes unnoticed
since the landlord's death.

My Poetry  (E)
Come as you are.
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