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Rated: E · Short Story · Spiritual · #2205481
while meditating a young woman meets a mysterious man in the woods and they converse.
Conversation with An Angel of God
Lisa Noe

Sitting beside a crystal clear creek, daydreaming of the beauty of life.
The sky is blue and filled with white puffy clouds, bluebirds are chirping in a nearby tree. In the distance, a deer feeds and rabbits hop around.
A man appears from nowhere and speaks my name softly,
But for some reason, I am not afraid and peace falls over me, like all the cares and woes of the world have gone away.

“I am here to lead you to God.”

“Am I dying I ask?”

“No”, He spoke with a broad smile. “You will learn how to listen to Him
And hear Him. I will teach you, He is the creator of all of the things you see and love. If you love something or someone, you must give thanks to God, for He made them. He made your parents, siblings, spouse, friends, If you love them, Then you should give glory to God, for it is because of him you have them in your life. You should love God more than all the things in the world. More than all the people in the world. There is nothing more important than God.”

I closed my eyes and thought for a second, what it would be like if God did not exist… well, I thought to myself, we would not exist, my parents “and sibling, spouse and so on, we would be nothing without God. “
“Who are you?” I asked.

“I am an angel of the Lord and I speak only of those things that will be of value to You I want you to find your way to Heaven one day. Do the following:
Know God, have a personal relationship with Him, talk with Him often.
Except Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior
Pray to God, talk to God, go to Him with thanks, and give Him glory.
Church, go to Sunday School, Church meetings and learn God’s word.
Good works, They are great, but they alone can not save you, a combination of all of these things creates a good Christian.”

“I was Baptised in the river where this creek leads, eight years ago.
Do you think I am a good person, I love people and want only good things to happen in the world. I am a very sensitive person, and I cry when I see animals or people mistreated or the land destroyed, that just makes me angry. I talk to God every day, but I don’t know if I do it right?”

“Oh child, God wants to hear from you, there is no doing it wrong.
Just tell Him your feelings and speak to Him of what is in your heart.
He is listening, He always is. He’s waiting for you to speak.”

“Can I tell Him that I love Him for all of the things He has done for me and my family during my life. I mean we did not live a charmed life, by far, but we are a close family, we love each other, help each other always. I just want to tell Him how grateful I am to have Him in my life, to love Him as I do. Is it alright for me to tell Him all of that?”

“Child, that would please the master to know that you keep yourself as innocent as a little child and full of love and hope. This is what He wants to hear. Now I will leave you to your meditation when you see the wonderful creations of God give thanks and Glory to God.”

He left the same as when he came, I looked away for a second and then he was gone. That day I knew I was on the right track, giving my life to God. At that moment a doe came sauntering over towards me slowly,
Watching me with her big brown eyes, I could smell the fear. There she was so close I could touch her, so I did, I lay a hand gently down on her back and side and pet her. She felt warm to the touch, I thought I must be blessed to experience something so extraordinary.

Word count: 705
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