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This 1st chapter is based on the Greek Mythology of Prometheus.
Chapter 1.

One lovely winter morning, Prometheus and Epimethius hurried towards Mt. Olympus. They had received a summon from the Great Zeus himself and Prometheus was anxious to know what this was all about. Prometheus was the demi-God son of Iapetus, the Titan and Clymene, the daughter of Oceanus. He was named Prometheus meaning 'forethought' because of his tendencies to think of the future implications of his each and every act. And, while he was always thinking of what might happen in the future and was all the more anxious to know the reason behind Zeus' summons, his brother Epimethius (named after 'afterthought'), who was always lost in the thoughts of the past, did not seem worried about the summons. Instead, he took his sweet time climbing Mt. Olympus, taking in the beauty of the lovely and enchanted forests around them and the beautiful sky and clouds and singing old songs that would cheer up the dullest of days. He loved his brothers, Atlas, Menoetius and Epimethius dearly, it was Epimethius that he worried about the most for he never thought before acting and was bound to get into trouble some way or another. He was someone who always had premonitions after the event rather than before.

Being demi-Gods and Titans, there was little that they ever wanted. All their needs were well-taken care of and ever since the battle of the Titans with the Gods, their positions were secured and there wasn't much to worry about. However, being clever, intelligent and a seer to boot, Prometheus knew this was all a precursor to what was about to happen. He knew and welcomed the future with both hands. He wanted to be more than just a demi-God, indulging in pleasure at will like the Gods, without caring for the world. He wanted to be something more, someone more useful, someone who would be remembered through eternity for his achievements rather than the circumstances of his birth, his lineage or the pleasures he indulged in.

As soon as they reached Mt. Olympus, the guards took them to see Zeus. As usual, clad in a golden robe, Zeus was sitting on his throne with his lightning bolt in his right hand and a cup of ambrosia in his left. There were hundreds of torches lighting his chamber adding to its ethereal charm. Varieties of flowers decorated the ornate vases kept in just the right places, adding charm to the surroundings. Their fragrances were divine and could lull a soul into submission. Prometheus thought that was the reason they were even around, for Zeus would not let anything happen without his approval and he didn't approve anything until he saw it would benefit him. His beautiful daughter, Athena sat next to him. Draped in a silky blue cloak, she looked regal.

Athena smiled at Prometheus and told him that Zeus wanted creatures made to inhabit the earth, "Oh Prometheus! My father, the Great Zeus, wants you and Epimethius to make creatures to inhabit earth with the help of Gods. Creatures who will abide by the laws of God and worship them. Epimethius is to create animals while you are to create man."

Shocked initially at the request, Prometheus realized that this was his opportunity to do something that will be remembered for eternity and seized it. He asked himself, "If not now, then when?" He asked Zeus how he was to go about it, to which Zeus said, "Go ahead, Prometheus and Epimetheus, make man and animals out of clay, water and fire. Athena will breathe air and souls into them in the form of butterflies so that they may live and abide by the Gods. All the Gods will gift these creatures a quality or two that may help them live on earth."

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