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a short tale of two women close to retirement who decide to open their own coffee shop.
Celia and Nadine had been BFFs since grade school. Now fifty years later, they found themselves still together, and going in halves on a coffee shop that really, neither one of them knew anything about running any kind of shop.. Nadine had sort of taken lessons from her business owning husband, Theron, and then passed her knowledge on to Celia. Theron agreed with Nadine that, as long as he did not have to step inside the coffee shop, he would get them off the ground with advice only on how to keep the employees busy and keep the books correct.
Well, after a couple hits and misses with the lending institutions, they finally got off the ground. Yes, pun shamefully used, and speaking of grounds, they had a naming problem as well. Celia wanted to go with "Bean There, Ground That", but Nadine thought the name too long. After much deliberation and countless other cheesy names, they finally both agreed on "Mug Shotz". It was short and simple, and it was based on something. A coffee 'mug', and a 'shot' of coffee. they loved it. The sign is due to arrive next Wednesday, by the way.
Getting workers was the next big obstacle. The girls went through what felt like a myriad of interviewees. Some too young, some too old, never just the right age. Some had too many piercings, some had too many tattoos. By Jove! We would never want somebody who looked like they just fell out of a Picasso. Finally, they had a crew of three, it was all they would need at first, until the biz took off.
Opening day went off, not without a hitch, of course. First the latte machine broke down, and one of the female baristas broke a nail, then broke down crying. No amount of consoling helped. She had to be sent home.
Finally, the end of the first day; by the way, did I mention the sign did not show up on time either?
The girls were tired, but happy. They had made a grand total of six hundred and seventy-five dollars. Not cleared of course, but it was enough to show them and their loved ones that they could do this, even if it killed them.

But I can tell ya this, I been there. They got the greatest expressos and lattes, and even just regular coffee, if that's your thing, this side of the Mississippi. Stop by sometime, and tell them Brad sent ya!

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