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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2205525
vampire stuff

Chapter 1: She's a vampire
Hi, everyone I'm Mimi and I'm a vampire. But shhh don't tell this to my boyfriend Mike. He might get scared or freak out and run away. And I
couldn't stand that.
In his apartment
"I love you"
"Me too, but we can't be together"
"Uh, because and don't ever ask me again because my answer will be the same"
"But, why can't we be together?"
"Because I am…"
"You are what?"
"Because I'm, I'm…"
The phone rang. Huh I'm saved, for now.
"Hello, anybody there, who is it?"
"You know who we'll judge you soon and you can't escape from us and you better come over quickly."
"Okay, right." I hang up.
"Who was it darling?"
"Oh, well nobody special it's just my boring roommate."
"And what were you talking?"
"We were well, talking about girl stuff, you know this and that"
"Oh, okay then let's get something to drink, I'm thirsty."
"Well you go, I can't, I have to get out."
"What? Where? With who?"
"With my roommate"
"Oh, okay I love you sweetie."
"I love you too honey, but I have to go now, bye."
The courtship of the vampires
"Did you know what you have done?"
"Yes, well I…"
"Do you know how dangerous it could be?"
"Well I…"
"You don't, well you're going to find out very soon."
Oh my gosh! I'm so done. Over! Crossed! Finished indeed and nobody can save me now.
"Does anyone want to help her? Does anyone want to save her?"
"Me, judge"
Everyone's turning around. What is that? Is it what I think it is. An angel.
Here. But how?
"Okay you are saved, for now. Well, angel, could you tell me why are you here? You know exactly you can't be here."
"I came to offer you something I think we could all agree on."
"And that would be…"
"I want to suggest this following: she will be free only if she could find a man in a time period of 1 month and swear to him on everlasting love. So, what do you think?"
"You've got yourself a deal, dear angel! You can all go now the courtship is over, but what if that month passes and she still can't find a boyfriend?"
Everyone laughed at that.
"Well, if she can't find a guy until then and the month is over then I'll be the one who will bring her to you so you can judge her."
"All right then that's how shall it be, until then you're free."
"But I have a guy in the moment."
"Then find another one."
"Oh, no!"
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