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still a vampire

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Now on with the story


Chapter 3: breakups crying and smiles

We finally arrived at his place. We knocked on the door.

He opened it.

"Hey there honey, what's up?" he said with an amusing tone of voice that I thought my heart will explode in peaces.

"Hey I want it to talk to you so let's talk okay? Oh and this is Elisabeth by the way, my new roommate."

"Hi there, I'm Mike. I'm sure that Mimi here told you all about me ha?"

"Err, well kind of huh yeah sure nice to meet you too handsome"

Oh no! Not in here, not with my soon-ex-to-be, oh dear sweet God!

I punched her playfully on the arm.

"Hey why did you do that for? I was just joking around. No big deal heh"

"We really need to talk. And I mean it."

"Wow I've never seen you like this before. You must be really serious."

"Well of course I am, what did you expect ha?"

"What do you want to talk about, let's talk?"

"Well I want it to say that I, I..."

"What. spill it out honey, what's bothering you? Is it me?"

"No, of course not, I mean sort of, no. wait, I, I"

"Oh for the love of God, tell him already or I'll tell him!"-Elisabeth spoke very irritating.

"Well, I, I..."

"She's cheating on you and wants to break up with you! There I said it! Now could we go back to the dating business, I'm starting to get cranky over here."

"What?"-I and Mike said in unison.

"I did what/she did what, and what in the world/she wants to break up with me?"-said me and Mike.

"Since when do you want to break up with me?"

"Well, I..."

"From the very beginning since she first met you but she didn't know how to tell you"

"Wait what?"-I said totally confused.

"Well I don't know what to say but if that's what you want then okay you're free from now it's all over, the end for your biggest nightmares!"

"No, I never said that, but I..."

"Maybe you didn't but your friend here spoke for you and your eyes tell me the same I do not forgive you for cheating on me but you're free to go if that's what you want."

"Oh, okay but you don't understand I, I..."

Beth pulled me over and before I could say something else I was already out waiting for a taxi to come.

I stood there, my body not moving.

"Come on the taxi's here let's go we have nothing to do here."

"But I..."

In Beth's and mine apartment.

I stood there still in disbelief.

"What did you just did, and more important, why?"

"Well I did what I had to okay don't be angry at me for doing it because I freed you from him"

"You did what! Oh brother! Well, you did, but, still..."

"Come on smile. I wanna see you smiling, okay"

I smiled a little.

"Hey what about a bigger smile what are guys gonna think if they see you like this geez pull yourself together woman!"

I smiled widely with a fake smile.

"There, are you happy now?"

"Much better haha thanks."

"No problem, don't mention it"

Someone rang the doorbell. I opened it.

It was Tai.

"Hey Tai, you came hehe."

"Of course I came I am not gonna leave you, I promised I'll be with you the whole time."

"Wow. the whole time? Don't you have any work to do?"

"Yeah, Tai don't you?" I said playfully teasing him.

"Hey, cut it out guys, stop teasing me!"-he playfully punched me on the arm.

"Hey why did you do that for?"

"I'm a mummy man wawawa arghhh!"-he started to tickle me.

"Hey stop it!"

"I am gonna eat you, both of you arghhh!"-he started to come close to us.

"Aaaah help! Anyone help us!"-me and Beth started to yell.

"Quiet down you guys, you're gonna wake up the neighbors."-said Tai.

We started to scream more and more.

"Aaaah! Help us! Anyone?" -said me and Beth in unison.

"I am gonna get you, you know."-said Tai with an amusing voice.

"Hey. stop it okay, I'm serious" - I said trying to get away from his hands.

He was tickling me so hard, I started to laugh.

"Hahaha stop it, Tai, I'm serious!"

"So do I"-said he and continued to tickle me.

"Hey, stop it okay, I have to tell you something"-I grabbed the first pillow I saw and started to fight him off.

"Yey, hooray, pillow fight!"-Beth said amused. We were fighting for 20 minutes now and then stopped.

"So, what did you want it to tell me anyway, come on spill it out"

"She broke up with her boyfriend and I helped her to do it."

"Hmmm interesting, very good, so, you're finally over ha?"

"Yup, over, crossed, finished indeed, I'm free from now on"

"Wow, you sound very happy about it"

"But I am, I mean of course I am why wouldn't I? I mean, it's not like he's the center of the universe and it's not like I'm gonna cry for him"

"Alright! You go girl! Girl power!-Beth said and we tapped each others hands.

"Hell yeah! Girl power indeed"

"Hey, what about me, I'm not a girl"

"So? What about you?"-I said. He punched me playfully on the arm.

"Hey, ouch! That hurts very much!"

"You'll get over it"

"Hey, we don't have groceries and the fridge is half-empty I am gonna go and buy some, okay, I'll be back soon, bye"-Beth said and with that she left. It was just me and Tai, alone, both of us.

"So, do you really feel better after the breakup, I mean, I know that after breakups people used to cry or be lonely, desperate. But you, you..."

"Well, I, I..." I started to tremble, face looking down. Oh, no am I crying?

Yup, I am now.

"Oh, don't cry, I didn't mean to hurt you, how stupid of me, I'm really sorry, I didn't mean it..." he spoke softly looking me in the eyes.

"No, it's not your fault, it's me. I'm the one who's being lying to herself the whole time. And vampires don't cry but I do that and very often even with you. I am so sorry Tai, I really am"-I said sobbing.

"Please don't cry, I don't want you to cry and how is your fault I hurt you with my stupidity, I am such a jerk. Please don't cry."-he said that and ran a hand through my hair and then stopped nearly touching my face.

Oh my gosh, this is it! We're going to do that we're so close to doing it oh my...what now....We were just inches away so close to each other that we could of brushed our noises if we move just a little. Oh my...is he's going to do it... or...not...

We were about to do "that" when the door suddenly opened...uh what now...could he kiss me already and get over with? Shish, now what!

It was Beth.

"Hey guys, I'm back!"-she said with an amusing voice but stopped dead in her tracks when she saw us and our closeness. "Oh my, am I interrupting something?"

"I, I , we, we weren't doing anything, haha, you didn't interrupt us, silly"-I tried to lighten up the mood. Huh that was close. I looked at Tai, he was looking at me too. I smiled at him and he returned the smile. I knew deep down inside me and him, that there was more than just a simple smile. There was much more, but later with that.

So, how was it please read enjoy and review pretty please, I'll try to update soon enough.

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