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Rated: E · Fiction · Romance/Love · #2205538
vampire werewolf

Chapter 7: A Mess to Be Made

On the previous chapter of Immortal:

"Why thank you, you too look very dashing and I love you even more"-I smiled while kissing him. He managed to say something between the kisses.

"No, I love you more"-he said jokingly in a teasing manner.

"Nope, that's not true I love you even more"-I said that while I kissed him.

"Okay then, let's say that we both love each other very much and we both like each other more and more with every day. Is that better?"-he said while placing a kiss on my cheek.

"Much better, I love you sweetie"-I said that and smiled at him.

"I love you too honey"-he said that and kissed me hard on the lips.

"Oh my God!" -Beth said looking at us, surprised to see us kissing.

And here is the new chapter, enjoy ^_^

We parted our lips quickly as we followed the familiar voice behind us only to see Beth standing there in shock.

"It is not like it looks like... err I, we, I..."-I trailed off.

"Oh yeah then what's it like, because the way I see it it's just too much of clear to me, but I'm still confused."-Beth gave a puzzled look.

"Well, anyone's going to be nice and gentle to explain to me what happened here?"

"I, we, well it is the way you see it, Beth, there's no more hiding Mimi, we are what we are and we can't change that even when it brings us consequences, we have to deal with it, as I was saying before yes, Beth you are right we are together."-exclaimed Tai nicely.

"What you mean you are like together, oh I'm so happy for you come here you guys let me hug you."

She hugged me and Tai with a smile on her face but I know she was tearing down apart inside and there was nothing I could do for her if I try to comfort her she will think of me as of some kind of hypocrite, no, no, I can't do it, I really can't.

So, what shall I do?


Oh my God, what do we do? Should we tell Matt now that Beth knows about us, because Matt will find out sooner or later? He'll be frustrated.

Oh my, what a drag this turn out to be. *PP note *Meems sounded like Shikamaru from Naruto, squeels*

Beth, me and Tai came to the table where Matt was seating, our table.

He was still eating peacefully.

I felt so uncomfortable telling him that me and Taichi are together now. I sighed. He didn't react. Taichi coughed, but Matt didn't respond either way. Finally Beth said irritated:

"Matt! We are talking to you! Hello, hear us for one minute damn it!"

He suddenly stopped eating and looked at us.

"Oh is that you Mimi, you finally come to your senses, I see you are here to apologize to me, aren't you? Well, you got lucky because I'm in a good mood so I am gonna forgive you, okay, come here sweetie"-he said that and grabbed my hand and leaned down to kiss me. I didn't want that kiss so I struggled to fight him off.

"Hey sweetheart I thought you said you aren't mad at me anymore, what did I do now?"-asked Matt confused by my rejection.

"Hey, let her go Matt, or I'll I'll..."-yelled Taichi furious.

"What? What did you said Taichi, I didn't hear you well, you said what, letting go of my girlfriend why you, who the hell are you to tell me what can I do or can't do with my girlfriend?"-now Matt was irritated and surprised by Taichi's sudden outburst.

"She's NOT your girlfriend anymore Matt, she's mine now so you can't hurt her anymore, do I make myself clear?"-said Taichi with a serious but calm look on his face.

"What, not my girlfriend? What did you said now are you threading me, Taichi? What does that mean?"

"I said she is My girlfriend now Matt, you can't hurt her anymore she's not yours!"-exclaimed Taichi.

"Why you little..."-said Matt and got up and start hitting Tai.

"Oh no Tai, are you okay?"-I said devastated, not knowing what to do.

"Matt, Taichi, stop both of you right now!"-said Beth to both of Taichi and Matt, but they didn't hear us because they were too busy fighting with each other. They were fighting like for 20 minutes now and then the manager came and separated them with the help of some of the guests and the cook chef and they dragged them to the exit. I and Beth followed them, they were still fighting.

"This is all your damn fault!"-yelled Matt at Tai.

"How in the world is my fault you were the one throwing yourself at me in the first place it's your fault that we are stuck here?"-Tai yelled back.

"Would you both shut your big mouths and shut the fu*k up!"-yelled Beth at them furious.

"No! We are trying to argue here!"-yelled both Tai and Matt and continue to fight with each other.

"Oh my God, what should we do Beth?"-I screamed in horror.

"If they want to kill each other then let's leave them to kill each other, what else do we do?"

I sighed. "Yeah, you're probably right, let's go" -I said and started walking.

"Hey, Mimi, where are you going huns?"- said Matt and Tai in unison.

They looked at each other.

"I, you, I ...you are repeating me you dumb bastard Mimi is mine not yours!"- Screamed Matt and Tai again in unison, while pointing their index fingers at them.

"You done that again you moron!"-they exclaimed angrily.

'Oh yeah....ugh you I'm gonna kill you, you know right now!"-said Matt and started punching Tai in the nose. He knocked him down and Tai fell.

"No, Tai, are you alright?"- I screamed in horror, terrified.

"He's fine, let it go, let's just go already we don't need animals like them for boyfriends the world is full of other boys-fishes in the sea"

"I...I... guess you're right..."

"Of course I'm right, now let's go"-said Beth, tapping her right foot impatiently.

"But are they gonna be alright...I mean isn't that bad if we just leave them to kill each other, that wouldn't be right?"-I said worried.

"Of course they will, they will be fine, they're just men acting like pigs, don't you worry, what could possibly happen ha?

"Yeah well you're right, ugh I hate both of you jerks, Tai, Math you are complete idiots and I so HATE you right now!"

"No, Mimi, wait I can explain..."-said Tai and began to follow me but Matt interrupted him.

"Explain this if you can...!"-said Matt and with that he punched Tai in the face. Oh my God!


Ten minutes after we left I received an urgent call from a hospital near by saying that two guys were found beating the crap out of each other till almost death and are seriously injured because of that. Some people called 911 and then the police came and separate them and called the hospital. The boy with a blond hair had left his sell phone and they dialled the first number that was on the screen in missed calls. And that was mine. Oh My God! That is so terrible, I can't believe it, how could I be so stupid enough to let them fight and leave them killing each other until their last breath. Oh my God indeed! I am so going to kill Beth for this, it's her fault that we left in the first place. She said what could possibly happen ha? Big deal ha, well, I'll tell you: THAT is what could possibly happen!

"Beth, come over here show yourself bitch come on let me see you so I can kill you later on!"- I was calling for her, screaming madly at the top of my lungs.

Then all of a sudden Beth came irritated obviously by me.

"What, what, what is it, I heard your voice, sheesh you don't have to be screaming, you don't have to yell at me anymore sheesh what a grouch?"

"What, you even dare to ask what? I just can't believe you, I just can't..."- I trailed off sobbing.

"What, what happened while I was gone, tell me what?"-said Beth worried about me with a more soft voice.

I told her about the phone call from the hospital and that they found two boys beating the crap out of each other which she concluded that are Matt and Tai.

"Oh my God! That's horrible, quickly where's your purse and where's mine? Oh God, Oh God, I know I left it right there ugh oh..."-screamed Beth and began to search for her purse.


At the hospital

Me and Beth came rushing and asked the nurse about the two boys and she pointed us directly to the rooms.

"Let's split up I'll go to Matt's room and you go to Tai's, okay?"-said Beth in a rush and not waiting for me to answer she followed the other nurse to where Matt's room was.

I quickly followed the nurse to Tai's room.

I entered the room and almost cried out in horror when I saw him, he was half death and he looked really beaten up, oh my, this isn't happening, this just ISN'T happening! I rushed quickly by his side all teared down apart. I managed to speak in between sobs.

"Tai, please, *sob* just please, please don't leave me, TAI,PLEASE DON'T LEAVE ME *sobs in horror* please I'm begging you, don't...leave...me...if you do that I'll...I'll..I will die...I...I...* silent tears running down my face*

We were strangers starting out on a journey,

Never dreaming what we'd have to go through

Now here we are and I'm suddenly standing

At the beginning with you

"Tai, please, listen to me... I am begging you...please hear me...I just wanted to say that...*sob* that...that I...I..."-I hugged him as hard as I could don't wanting to let him go..no not now..."

"I just don't want to let go of you, Tai, not now or ever...never...so please just be with me...please...I, I..."

My gaze was on the ceiling and I pray to God, please God don't let it be please I'm begging you don't let him die, this is the first time and only that I'm asking you, I know what I am truly inside I know I'm a vampire and all but please just hear my one and only pray to you...let him live...and take me instead of him? Yes, take me God instead of him, please...I'm begging you with all my heart...just please...just for once listen to me...my heart is pounding nervously every minute now and I think it's the last beat of my heart and that if he dies I am going with him on that special place. And I know I can't do that, because I'm a vampire and vampires are immortal, who made that stupid rule I would like to kick his as* ugh...

"Please Tai, listen to me while I speak and then maybe you can hear me out there in that place you are, just please hear me..."-I brushed his cheek softly not knowing what else to do. I was lost. I just need to rest my head for a while...I...I..."-I quickly fell on his chest and started day dreaming, I was so caught off with the dream I was dreaming.

I was dreaming the following: I was remembering things now...me, my beginnings, my vampire girlfriends and guy friends and Matt and then Mike and the trial and then suddenly I went to my first meeting with Tai, the beautiful soft angel, my guardian angel, remembering his oh how beautiful and chocolate brown eyes, so dreamy and I could so melt into them even right now.. I also remember his bushy brown hair and the way he always smiled at me...oh he was so CUTE that from the instant he looked at me deeply in the eyes and smiled at me and touched me on my hand I knew I melted into his dreamy eyes and he's handsome look, it was love at first sight I tell you, not passion, not infatuation, not crush, not because of his looks although to be honest he did looked great... always as a matter of fact...this was something else...way beyond looks and way beyond nature...it was the beautiful, prescious and the most softest thing on Earth and in the universe...LOVE! I remembered how he used to talk to me, how he touched me, every time he looked at me and smiled for no reason...every time he tried to console me while I was sad and devastated and cried a lot...the way he touched my body...even the way he kissed me...I felt he was enjoying this so much as I did...the way we were always hugging each other not wanting to let go of neither of us...how he was comforting me with his presence...oh how he was kissing me so dreamily that I could of melted right into his mouth...

The way he always treated me, like I was the most important person in the whole wide world...and on the planet, he treated me like a queen the way I was loved by him, he made me feel so true and complete, he made me those butterflies in my stomach that every woman in love should have them...he treated me with respect, like I was royalty or something...I felt loved, to him I was the one he loved, adored and make him feel alive...he made me feel like there was nobody else in the world that it's just me and him only PERIOD! I felt LOVED for the FIRST and only time in my life as a ordinary girl from Earth and as a vampire also.

I felt a shadow behind me but I was too much into dreaming that I couldn't wake up and what was that strange aura beside me, is it Tai's no, it can't be, no it couldn't be or...it could...?

Taichi's PoV

Where am I... am I already dead...no I can't be Mimi, where are you sweetheart? I feel so alone right now...wait there it is... I feel something coming...yes...in a big way...here it is...I see light and a...a...a Hospital Bed! What the...I, then I wasn't dreaming it wasn't a dream at all, I am dead am I...no, it can't be...like this...this isn't happening...oh my God, God help me, Mimi, Meems where are you my dear... then I saw a man lying in that hospital bed I saw earlier and I also saw a girl standing hugging the man's chest and sleeping dreamily. She was beautiful...wait is that me on that bed and is that Mimi, my Meems...what is she doing exactly *I raised an eyebrow*

I just can't see...but I feel her aura...*begins to go close to her* oh no! *I backed down forward* she can feel me, my aura, can she hear me too...let me try...hmmm...

No one told me I was going to find you

Unexpected, what you did to my heart

When I lost hope, you were there to remind me

This is the start

"Meems, Meems, Mimi, can you hear me...?"oh well guess she can't but why am I here anyway...


Life is a road and I want to keep going

Life is a river and I wanna keep flowing

Life is a road now and forever

Wonderful journey

I'll be there when the world stops turning

I'll be there when the storm is through

In the end I wanna be standing

At the beginning with you


PP note: (AND...THE END! Hahaha xD lol just kidding peeps so keep reading, you don't know when is going to start to be more interesting hehe, you'll never know ;

Beth's pov

I came to the room where Matt was. She screamed in horror when she looked at him. He looked beaten up but not too much, he was still alive huh bastard...who thought he will survive...huh

I sat by his side. Then I looked at him, he was sleeping peacefully. Wow, I thought, even when he sleeps he is beautiful, he is actually very handsome indeed. Wait what..? I just didn't said that, I quickly shrugged it off.

Suddenly his hand moved. I gasped.

"Matt are you awake...Matt can you hear me..guess not...oh well, wow you really are handsome and you know what even if we fight all the time I kinda like you though...hehe... don't get me wrong but I really think we could be more than friend...wait what did I said now...oh brother...don't worry Matt you are a strong guy I'm sure you will survive this."-I smiled sweetly at him and touched his hand softly.

He moaned. Oh my God he was enjoying it...wait he can't be no...I shrugged it off..no way...well, is he?

All of a sudden his hand moved and touched mine softly.

I gasped, I was taken aback.

"Matt, what are you doing?"-I asked horrified and embarrassed at the same time and I took my hand back, brushing his , while I did that.

"Hey, I thought you said you liked me?"-asked Matt smiling evilly.

"What, ugh you little perv, you were awake all this time haven't you? Why you little...!"-I said furious and crossed my hands looking at him with my famous dead glare.

"Uuu I'm scared, you're kind of sexy with that dead glare of yours"-said Matt in his sexy way.

"Why you little perv..."-I tried to hit him but then realised he was in pain so I just shrugged it off.

Matt's PoV

"Uuu I'm scared, you're kind of sexy with that dead glare of yours"-I said putting up one of my famous oh-my-I am going to faint right now- smiles.

Why you little perv..."-she tried to hit me but then shrugged it off.

"Hey, watch it, I'm in pain here!"-I tried to defend myself.

Then I realised something,where is Mimi, my Meems?

If Beth's here than Mimi must be at...no! No way!

I quickly got up and began to walk. Beth looked at me surprised.

"What are you doing, you can't just...you can't just walk away...you are in pain...I...I can help you if you want..."-Beth said not knowing what to do.

"Oh, yeah watch me...besides I don't want to be taking care of, I can take care of myself...so...-I tried to go, but she quickly rushed by my side.

"But, Matt please I know you are to prideful but please let me take care of you...I will if you want me to...I... I can take care of you...I..I..."-she tried to stop me but I shrugged her off softly. She fell on her knees crying.

"I..I'm sorry, I gotta go...please...stay out of this...I can take care of myself...don't you worry..."-I brushed her cheek softly and gave her a weak smile.

"Thank you..."-And then I left.

I asked the only nurse that was close to my room where is Tai that boy who got really beaten and she told me which room is it and she added that he was in a bad condition. Boy, if he dies they will sue me and take my immortality back or something like that oh my I am screw*d am I?

I went to the room where Tai supposed to be but then stopped dead in my tracks. It was Mimi. It was her really, I knew it! I knew she was with him ugh... I leaned closer to the door to hear what she was talking, she had a really cute but soft voice and she was whispering something.

"Tai,*sob* please*sob* don't leave me...I...I, I love you Tai, I always had love you even when I was with Matt so please just hear me already pretty please I I love you with all my heart Tai and if you...die...I will be devastated and would probably die too even if I can't so please just be with me...and please live Tai I just don't know what am I going to do if you die I'll... I'll...oh God please let him live...please let him live and take me instead of him, I love him God I really love him. Oh my *cries in horror* I really love him God, I do I just can't live without him so please don't let him die..."-she said to him sweety while crying softly. Oh my God! She is really talking to him! No, no way my Mimi could do that...no way that she loves him...that's not true...I don't believe it...I really don't want to believe it!

I suddenly leaned closer so I can hear more but the door swung open.

I saw Mimi standing there in horror. Oh my God she saw me!

"Matt what are you doing here, you are supposed to be in bed and with ...oh my did you run away, what are you doing here, how did you came in?"-she asked in horror.

? End Of Chapter ?


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