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Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2205549
You never know who or, or what, your neighbors are nowadays

She knew she was no longer sleeping when the feeling of her temples throbbing in rhythm to the ring tone coming from her phone laying somewhere nearby and a low groan split her dry lips as she tried twice to pry her tongue from the roof of her mouth, finally succeeding on the third try and she let one hand ease out from beneath the thin comforter to start searching blindly for the annoying phone.

" Jeebus, shut up will ya?" Gwen Johnson croaked, then her hand connected with a solid chest, still warm from sleep, and her eyes popped open as her head jerked up, dislodging the pillow that her head had been buried beneath and sending it tumbling to the floor unchecked.

A few things flooded her mind at the same time ..The fact that she was naked was foremost in her mind once she established that the man sprawled out beside her was indeed real and not something from some erotic dream because this man was a fantasy man come to life.

Then she realized that he was naked as well, the sheet that lay tangled low over his lean hips left little to the imagination and her mouth watered at the sight of all those washboard abs, even though a deep crimson stain crept up to her high cheekbones and her gaze slipped away from his hypnotic grey-green one.

" Want me to get that for you/" He questioned, indicating her phone that lay on the nightstand on his side of her bed with a wave of one large hand and she felt her entire body tense up because she knew that ring tone belonged to Mel, who would be all fifty questions about why a man was answering her phone when not even Kieth had been that ballsy.

" No!" She yelped, choosing to make a wild dive across his legs to grab at the annoying piece of equipment before he could make good on his threat to answer the call.

Gwen ended up face down almost exposed ass up across his lap but her hand had closed around the flat cell phone in triumph.

" Hell-OH!" The latter part of the word came out as a breathy gasp when she felt the sharp sting of his hand connecting sharply with one butt cheek, making her body jerk and arch against his touch, her thighs parting just the tiniest of bits.

" Keep looking at me like that and whoever is on the phone is going to hear more than what they want to." He threatened, his raspy rough voice sending a flash flood of moist heat to pool at the juncture of her thighs.

" Are we interrupting something? " A feminine voice that she vaguely remembered from the previous night's community shindig.

" No." She responded even as the man laying in her bed like he belonged there came back with an affirmative answer although there was no way he could have heard the laughter laced words.

" Well come open your door, we went and ordered breakfast for everyone but I forgot to see about getting a key to get back in." Holly stated softly." And the woman across the street is giving me the heebie-jeebies, so hurry, please."

Gwen gladly rolled to her feet, taking the thin faux fur comforter with herself to hide her nakedness by tucking it around her frame toga style before she hurried from the bedroom as fast as she dared to move in the long covering.

All she'd need to do would be to snag the thing on something and fall to make her morning go from bad to worse.

She unlocked and opened the front door to let the twosome who stood on the patio into the spacious living room.

" I had the stuff to make breakfast here, and plenty of K cups." She teased, her short nose wrinkling when she met the other woman's gaze." You didn't have to go buy food, How much do I owe for mine?"

She looked around for her purse then remembered that she'd taken it into her bedroom the previous night and she rolled her eyes, raking the fingers of one hand through her sleep mussed hair.

" Nothing, Now is Dalen still asleep? " The elven female questioned, arching a brow over one leaf green eye almost like she knew that Gwen had forgotten his name.

It wasn't like she took strangers to bed every night of the week..he'd been the second man she'd ever slept with and she'd soon be twenty-five, which was embarrassing in so many ways, but to have forgotten his name was an added slap to the face.

" No Dalens not still asleep..Oh God, coffee..blessed coffee." He answered the question himself, following her into the living room and tossing her a T-shirt, the one he'd worn the previous night if her nose was right."Put that on."

"Excuse me?" Gwen muttered, her attention now focused on him fully and her shoulders squared up as her backbone straightened, she arched a brow over one eye as she tossed the shirt back at him." I think you and ..Thorne, wasn't it?"

The tall Latino looking man nodded slightly to let her know that she had his name right.

" Yeah, You two need to go like now," Gwen stated firmly, pointing to the front door "I'm going to go grab a shower and you're more than welcome to get one too Holly..Get that look off your face, I have two bathrooms."

The last part of the sentence was meant for Dalen, whose lips were twitching into a crooked smile.

She thought that he was going to argue the point but when a laughing Thorne got their to-go plates of food and the 7-11 cups of coffee he meekly followed the taller man out onto the patio.

When he made to look back at her Gwen shut the door firmly ad heaved a deep sigh of relief, allowing her forehead to rest on the cool wood of the old door briefly.

" Come, There's no need to waste great food and cappuccinos." The other woman called out to her, drawing her gaze." I got you a meat lovers omelet, home fries and wheat toast..that's what I get from Clems too."

" My God that sounds amazing." She admitted, moving back to the sectional and sinking to the overstuffed cushions." And it smells even better." She added when her stomach growled noisily." TV or music?"

" Judge Judy should be on somewhere..or Couples Court." Holly, whose full name was ironically Holiday, stated, cutting up part of her omelet and feeding it to the thin dog that had moved into the house shortly after she'd bought it." So we're not going to talk about that elephant in the room?"

" Nothing to talk about." Gwen retorted sharply." You want ketchup for the home fries?" She questioned, already gaining her feet under herself and heading toward the kitchen.

" You need to confront your mother and ask why she never told you the truth about who you are." The other woman stated with a nod of wisdom." About what you are.."

" I'm human, That's what I am because you're crazy if you think I'm anything but normal." She informed the woman whose thick mass of waist-length hair was the brown color of tree bark.

She didn't point out that until six months ago no one had known that elves and other paranormal beings lived alongside humans for thousands of years..they had just been things of myths and legends.

" You're a para-breed," Holly argued, yet there was no fire to her soft words..there was only the need for her to listen to what she was saying." That's what drew you to our little community without you knowing why."

" Ha, Wrong!" Gwen chortled, wagging her finger in the air between them." I was sent an invitation for the open house on this place from someone, maybe the real estate agency that listed it.."

" Of course you were..the council sent that to you..they have a list of all the para-citizens that they need to convince to move here to provide fresh blood. lines."Holly admitted with a shrug of one shoulder.
They planted the suggestion that you buy this place once they confirmed that you were of mixed blood."

Gwen sat back and eyed her new friend through narrowed lashes. not that the elegant looking she-elf noticed, she was too busy feeling along the dog's abdomen, a look of concentration on her face.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2205549