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A short story about a bug encased in amber.
The beetle flitted among the leaves seeking its quarry, a small aphid was at last spotted and swiftly consumed. The beetle had however, made an error, the leaf it rested upon was covered in a sticky dew that clung to the legs with a feverish intensity. The beetle was utterly trapped and, incapable of escaping, found itself being immersed in the dew which dripped from the flower above him, each drip landed upon the leaf, shaking it. As the beetle found itself becoming covered in a layer of sappy dew that hardened around him he found his eyes covered in an obstructive layer of sap which warped his vision. He desperately tugged his legs in a futile effort to escape but he had become resigned to his fate.

A few millennia later a man extracted a glossy slab of amber and he found himself excited to see the perfectly preserved beetle within, he showed the find to his colleagues who congratulated him on the find. The amber was later sold for a large sum of money to a museum.
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