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by Rachxo
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I work in the healthcare field and wanted to share this poem with you all ♡
I'm still me. Though my memories are fading. I often get confused and cry cause the days are abruptly changing. Sometimes I think its morning. Sometimes the afternoon. But then I ask a question and get looked at like I have no clue. Some days I wake up and wonder why I am here. But then I remember I have 3 brothers who l love dear. My family is important I can't always remember their names. But everytime I see there faces I know they don't look strange. My new home has lots of music, and a really friendly cat. I sometimes get my hair done or my nails, just plain black. I came to this place in winter. I can't remember what day. I was always getting angry and losing patience come each day. My socks were never on right. I was always losing keys. My family had to bring me here. To protect me from my disease. I am just a person, for I am still me. Just keep your patience, and that will set me free.
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