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A vampire Huntress I based around Alucard from Hellsing and Dante from Devil May Cry

Name: Fatima Leonas Van Helsing-Dracula

Gender: female

Height 6ft 3in

Current Age: 571 but looks 18 due to Vampiric Immortality

Eye color: Left is silver due to being blind in that eye, Right is jade green

Hair style/color: Long Brown hair Tied in a ponytail

Build: Strong with 6-pack abs

Skin type: Pale White Skin

Occupation: Vampire Hunter

Race: Half Human Half Vampire

Biological Father: Count Vlad "The Impaler" Dracula

Biological Mother: Sabrina Reinhardt Dracula

Adopted Father: Leon Adrian Van Helsing

Adopted Mother: Lea Von Karma Hellsing

Weapons of choice: A Cross that is thrown like the Cross in Castlevania, A pair of Desert Eagles named Michael and Raph after two of the archangels, A Sword named Dei Brachium (God's Right Arm), Her inherited Vampiric powers of transforming into mist, a wolf, and a bat as well as regeneration and speed, Inherited spells from the witches and Sorcerers of her moms bloodline.

Bio: Born at the height of Dracula's first Reign, Fatima showed great potential at a very young age. However, Vlad's empire began to fall apart and the young girl was sealed away for many centuries until she was awakened by Leon Van Helsing and was raised to be a vampire huntress.

Motto: If it's dead and still breathing you haven't done your job. Shoot it again until it turns back into a corpse.

Personality: Rebellious at times, a Strong willed tomboy with a short fuse.

Theme Song: Dragula - Rob Zombie, Long Hard Road Out of Hell - Marilyn Manson
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