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by JM Jr.
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A husband reassures his wife of their love and life together as her memory begins to fade.
Story be told, from the reflection in your eye.
Together so long, many years have gone by.

We longed for each other, many years ago.
That reflection to me, asks were did love go?

We were so in love, back in our early day.
Today you wonder, if we still feel that way?

What's happened, what's changed in your mind?
You question our love, when it's so intertwined.

We always hold hands, show love and affection.
I don't see that, in your tears reflection.

My hearts flame, still burns deep inside.
My love and passion, for you I can't hide.

I have been faithful to you, in every way.
Your my one and only, my true love to this day.

What can I do, to show and prove.
Age will never take, my love for you.

I'll dry your tears, set free the reflections.
Only then, will you see our connections.

Our wall of pictures, full of life you see.
This is our connection, our family tree.

These are our children, look how they've grown.
We're proud of them all, some with kids of their own.

Blessed is this family, to grow and adjust.
Only reason it exists, is because there's an “us”.

When you question “us”, in that fading mind.
Come follow our wall, trace it back through time.

It will be no surprise, were it will lead.
Back to the beginning, to you and me.
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