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Things come to life after dying
Life After Death

A toss of a butt
Can destroy so many great things,
they dont think,
maybe just dont care
once the cig is tossed
from the window of a
passing car,
oh boy it will leave a horrible scar.
Years of hard work gone in a flash
at a blink of an eye
what was green becomes black
and it never comes back
the way it once was.

Did they ever think the pain they caused?
did they ever think about lives that was lost?
though humans did not die, but a field full of
critters gone at a blink of an eye.
so disrepectful in so many ways,
it only makes me wonder if it was all a play.
the damage is done, the lives lost.
all the hard works for what?
gone in the wind and it met its end.
they never think about the harm they caused
makes me wonder if it was all worth the time,
only to meet its demise.

they may have won but not so much
mother earth has her tricks to bring
all the green back again, though it wont take
much time, I think honestly things starting to look fine.
It was all mine and time after time
all the green leaves and long vines
start to take its place and slowly recovers what was lost.

So I ask thee next time you pass a place,
to put out your butts
in the car ashtray
and just maybe you will have
vegeatbles and fruits on your tray
think about others
and your bad habits,
maybe wildlife this time be spared
and we can go back to farming.
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