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An illness of misfortunes
An ever growing tumour..........

Im an ever growing tumour
Growing from deep within.
I'm in work alongside Satan
And I deal out my acts of sin.

I'm working with the devil
I am the creator of his hell.
And into your lives unknowingly
Is how I choose to dwell.

I'll take from you, your strengths
and prey on your weaknesses.
Slowly restricting parts of
You won't feel
As I grow with the passing days.

I'll take from you, your very breath
And take your will away at great length.
You'll become weak, and fade away
That's what I cause to you til your dying day.

But if you battle with strengths within
And upon your journey don't ever give in.
Then maybe just maybe you have a chance
And no longer around Satan's table you'll dance.

You'll reap rewards and regain composure
If you struggle with all your might.
And don't give up nor give in
To this cancerous battle that you fight

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