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by Raghp2
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2205694
Not every guest feels like following the rules. Featuring Matt!
"Dude, Boss! You finally got my message!" Yelled the blonde lifeguard manning the ride called "The Skin burner". Kyle turned to see just who the lifeguard was addressing. He watched as a short looking man, followed by a much taller looking lifeguard pushed their way toward the front of the ride. Kyle crossed his arms as the three men continued to exchange words. For the 20 year old college student, this was supposed to mostly be a day off from the constant stop and go that was his schedule of classes. Sighing, he couldn't believe he stood in line for so long only to get stuck at the top while these three took their time changing out lifeguards. However as he looked in front of him he felt bad for the mother who just let her son go down only now to be held up in a stupid wait.

"Yeah sorry for the delay, Matt. Tyler's here to relieve you." The shorter looking man called out to the lifeguard named Matt as Kyle and the rest of the park goers looked on impatiently. Kyle watched as the lean, tall blonde Matt got replaced out by the even bigger more thickly muscled Tyler.

"All yours, Ty." The shorter man said as he nudged Tyler in the side as him and Matt walked off back down the stairs. Kyle looked forward as the new huge lifeguard spoke.

"Alright!" Tyler exclaimed as he looked down to the bottom of the slide. "You're good to go mam." He said to the mother who was waiting impatiently to meet up with her son at the bottom of the slide. The woman screamed in a shrill pitch as she pushed off the slide, causing Tyler to start laughing.

"Shit's funny right dude?" The huge man said to Kyle as he walked up to go down the slide next.

"Yeah man." Kyle said, unsure how to react to the woman's terror. Regardless, Kyle stepped forward and sat down in the rushing water and crossed his legs. Holding the sides of the slide he looked down at the almost vertical drop.

"You're all set dude!" Tyler called out and Kyle quickly pushed off the ride and started rushing down the huge slide. Water started to fly up his nose and into his eyes as he skid straight down the slide before coming crashing to a stop in the skinny pool at the bottom. Wiping off the water from his face, he quickly got out of the pool and walked forward to get out of the way for the next person. Kyle looked to his side as he saw the shorter man and the lifeguard named Matt from before reaching the bottom of the stairs.

"So that little guy over there is the owner, huh?" Kyle thought to himself as he made his way nearer to the pair to listen in on their conversation. Kyle adjusted his blue board shorts and ruffled his wet brown hair as he followed the two.

"Sure dude, I'll wait for you in the break room." Matt said as he ran a hand through his short blonde hair. Kyle watched as the two parted ways right near an "Employee's only" section.

"I wonder what's up?" Kyle thought to himself. In truth he was a quantum physics major at one of the local colleges. The infamous Shrink and Swim had been a fascination of his since he's started studying here. Creeping his way into the Employee's only area, he figured maybe this would be his chance to eavesdrop drop on something related to the park! Maybe even how those incredible shrinking machines work! Finally, Kyle found a room labeled "Break Room" and opened the door.

Kyle looked out into the room in amazement. The room was absolutely gigantic, a complete break room with a kitchen and lounge but suited for the size of gods! Kyle shook his head, remembering that he had in fact shrunk when he entered the park, and not that things suddenly became huge.

"This works out perfect." Kyle said to himself as he looked out into the massive room. "Makes it easier to listen in if they can't see me."

Kyle walked forward on the balcony, hoping maybe he could find a good vantage point to spy from. Curiously, he found some sort of cylindrical looking device with a door open. Walking into the glass chamber, Kyle looked around at the many different buttons inside the device. There was tons of options that were listed, bathroom, gym, lounge, kitchen and so on. Cautiously, Kyle hit the button labeled "Kitchen".

The machine suddenly took off in a hurry, whisking Kyle along with it to it's destination. Stopping suddenly, the door opened and Kyle quickly left the crazy machine to be welcomed by a sudden wintery chill. "W-what t-the h-hell?"

Kyle looked around, it was dark and very cold. Light was being given off by the weird machine that brought him here and very faintly next to him he could make out some sort of plastic fortress. Or so he thought. Upon closer examination it seemed like a sports drink bottle, only to Kyle it seemed like a massive unmovable building!

"Oh god! Kitchen meant refrigerator?" Kyle yelled out as he ran back to the machine. Unfortunately for Kyle the door shut just before he could get back in. "N-no! I have to get out of here!"

On the front of the door there was a keypad. Kyle figured there must be some sort of password to open the door, but he knew there was no way he could guess it before he froze to death! Panicking, Kyle looked back over at the sports drink as light started to pour into the refrigerator as someone started to open it.

"Where was that drink?" A voice came from the light as Kyle scurried his way over to the bottle and grabbing on to the edge, hoping it was the one this sudden giant was looking for. As luck would have it, Kyle found himself being lifted up and out of the refrigerator along with the blue sports drink. Welcoming the warmth of the outside, Kyle looked around to see nothing but a wall of abs in front of him. He flinched as he didn't expect to get this close to any giants while he was eavesdropping, but at the very least he was glad to be free from that arctic prison. Looking up however, he saw the giant start to twist off the top to the drink and instantly Kyle recognized the man. It was Matt, the lifeguard that was with the owner not too long ago. It seems like he got here first before the two of them could start talking.

Suddenly, the bottle was flipped upside down and Kyle found himself lose his grip as he now tumbled along the turned over bottle straight toward Matt's face. Kyle came to a stop with a crash against a pinkish surface, Matt's lips. Kyle pushed himself away from the terrifying wall just as Matt flipped his drink back to an upward position. Kyle started to fall from the lip right back down to the drink, but this time in a much more precarious position. With a splash, Kyle started to tred water as he coughed up some of the blue liquid.

"Oh God!" Kyle cried as he looked around him. Around all sides he could only see the translucent layer of plastic, above him and seemingly impossibly far away was the mouth of the bottle, being sealed by the cap as Matt unknowingly closes him in.

Everything started to shift as Matt's attention seemed to be brought somewhere else. Kyle floated in place as he tried to make out what the giant was saying.

"Yo dude, I was starting to think you forgot!" Matt said seemingly to no one as he slammed his drink down on the balcony, causing a large shift in the current of the frigged cold sports drink. Kyle swam to the edge of the ocean of liquid and tried to looked through plastic, only to spot what looked like another tiny human on the balcony beside the drink. Kyle started to pound on the surface, maybe hoping the other little person might notice him trapped.

"Yeah dude, I don't have a gag reflex." Kyle heard Matt say to the tiny person below. "See? Nothing, dude."

"What are they talking about?!" Kyle called out as he continued to hit the walls of the bottle in a feeble attempt to be noticed.

"But Dude! Wait!" Matt called out as his hands moved in front of the tiny person, trying to stop them from leaving. Kyle simply observed in confusion over the whole matter. Seemingly the two came to some sort of agreement as Matt ended up placing the tiny man back down on the balcony.

"If you say so boss." Matt said as he released the little man much to Kyle's surprise.

"That was the owner!?" Kyle spurted as he started to sink a little under the cold blue liquid. Whatever conversation was had Kyle had completely missed most of it thanks to the stupid muffled sounds from the bottle. His mind raced with what kind of discussion the two could have been having. Suddenly however, the cap from the drink came off and Kyle screamed as the bottle was being lifted up toward Matt's face.

"Oh yeah dude I guess I just forgot about that!" Matt laughed as he brought the drink to his face. Kyle desperately tried to swim away as the massive muscled man went to take a sip of the drink. Unfortunately the current proved too strong for the tiny man as he was helplessly drug into Matt's thirsty mouth.

Kyle looked around the huge cavern. It was much warmer now at the very least, but Kyle knew he had to think fast before the inevitable happened. Before he could even make a move however Matt's massive tongue started to rise and push the liquid to the back of his throat, sending it all down with an ear splitting gulp.

The liquid carried Kyle down faster than the Skin Burner sent him down earlier today. The dark tube was like some sort of terrifying fleshy water slide. Finally, the ride came to an end with a splash in a new gigantic dark chamber. Kyle shook his head to get the liquids away from his face while he took in his new surroundings.

Kyle was in disbelief. All he wanted to do was do a little under cover research on the shrinking machines and here he ends up in some blonde muscle man's stomach.

The walls of the stomach started to shift a little as it sounded like Matt was rubbing it from the outside. Kyle spat in anger as the giant had no idea what he just did to him. Swimming out of the pool, trying to find some sort of dry area Kyle eventually found refuge on something hard and plastic feeling. Knocking on the device it seemed to be hollow with some sort of metal ball inside.

"Is this a whistle?" Kyle asked to himself squinting in the darkness. As he tried to examine the device more closely suddenly the walls of the stomach started change directions as it seemed like Matt was laying down. Kyle on the other hand found himself flung off the whistle and back into the murky fluids of the stomach. Unable to keep himself afloat any longer, Kyle gave in as Matt's stomach churned gently in delight. The last thing he heard was the massive organ groaning as he sunk below the surface to permanently become part of the staff of Shrink and Swim.

(You can follow this sequence from a different perspective starting here - https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1815943-Shrink-and-Swim/map/12)
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