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by Raghp2
Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2205695
Not every guest feels like following the rules. Featuring Scott!
Amy laid back as she ran a hand through her long brown hair while laying in a comfortable beach chair. Looking around, she smiled at her surroundings. It was her first time visiting the infamous "Shrink and Swim" and for the 19 year old college student, she figured it wouldn't be her last. Slipping on a pair of pink sunglasses to match her equally vibrantly pink bikini, she started to glace around at some of the eye candy she heard so much about in this park.

"Maria was right." She thought as she saw a tall tanned lifeguard walk by, a name tag flashing the name "Tyler" caught her attention as she looked. "This place really does have the hottest lifeguards."

She smiled as she continued to check out the handsome man as he made his way past her. Much to her disappointment, it seemed like the man was actually leaving the park. Closing her eyes, she was a little upset she couldn't at least draw the man's attention for a second as she tried her best to show off her feminine features as he made his way past her. Yawning boredly, Amy peeked back out of her sunglasses once more, this time her attention was drawn to someone who was way more different than the hottie, Tyler, she saw earlier. She frowned as the short skinny man walked right in front of her, mumbling something while he flipped around a notepad and making his way past her.

"Where's Tyler? I could've sworn I was supposed to see him about something... Maybe the break room..." The short man practically whispered as he started to disappear from Amy's sight. Sitting up, Amy frowned momentarily. She couldn't believe two men walked past her and neither of them even took a peek.

"Not even this nerd tried to check me out!" She grumbled in disgust. Dropping the thought though, Amy started to smile as she was overall happy to hear what the disinterested nerd said. "Break room, huh? Maybe I'll take a look myself."

Stretching her legs, Amy started to stand up. Looking around, she quickly located a small section of the park marked off as "Employee's only". Smiling as she found several doors, she decided to quickly slip her way into one of them all the while hoping she could relocate the bronzed god she saw before. Closing the door behind her as quietly as possible, Amy turned around and was quickly struck with awe.

The room she entered was positively enormous. From where she was standing on what seemed to be some sort of small balcony, all the way to the ceiling might as well have been the distance of several sky scrappers to the minuscule woman. Her neck started to ache as she stared up and around the room until her eye's finally fixed on something different. In the middle of the room sat an incredibly massive man in a chair that looked entirely too small for him to be sitting in. Amy rubbed her eyes for a moment as she took in the details of this new behemoth.

It wasn't the lifeguard from before and it certainly wasn't the nerdy guy either. Amy stepped forward to the railing of balcony as she took in this giant. The enormous man wore a huge backwards baseball cap with his brown hair sticking out slightly from the front. Amy's attention however quickly moved from the giant's face, to his torso. The man barely covered his muscled chest and ripped abdomen with a red tank top. If you could even call it that. It was more like red string, trying to be a shirt. Amy swooned however, not one to complain at the man's lack of clothing. Next, her eye's wandered down to his shorts, a pair of white basketball shorts that were pulled down slightly to show off his tight pair of black under armor spandex. Finally, Amy turned her attention to the man's colossal feet which he simply wore a pair of loose black sandals.

Amy leaned over the railing, staring longingly at the handsome man. At first she thought her tiny size was a bit terrifying, but knowing the huge man had no idea she was there made it all the better for her. Relaxing on the railing, Amy started to lose her grip suddenly as the ground started to shake. Terrified as she found herself flung over the side and holding on to the railing with all her might, she looked over at the humongous giant as she saw him shifting his chair back and fourth. Astounded that the huge man could cause such a quake so easily, Amy started to panic as her grip loosened more and more. Tears ran down her cheeks as her sunglasses suddenly slipped off her face, falling to the ground below and barely making a noise from the height. Amy clenched her teeth as her fingers slipped.

- - -

Amy shook her head as she blinked about, trying to figure out what happened. Her surroundings looked totally different from before. Somehow getting to her feet, she winced slightly as a twinge of pain manifested from her legs. The fall must've not been as bad as she thought, as she looked forward, hoping to find a way back up to balcony and out of this enormous room. Rubbing her leg, Amy stepped forward as she looked up again at the massive giant before her.

From the floor, he looked even more impressive. The massive landscape of his body seemed endless and from her new angle, Amy couldn't even make out the giant's face anymore.

"HELLOOOOO!!!" Amy called with all her might at the absentminded giant. Sighing, she figured there was no way the muscled behemoth could hear her. Swallowing roughly, she knew her only chance was to make contact with this handsome stranger. Limping forward she started to eye down her one way on the giant, the feet. Amy looks up at the impossibly large pair of sandal clad feet and swallowed nervously as she pushed on, glad to see that the feet laid flat and easily climbable. With a deep sigh, Amy grabbed a hold of the rubbery wall of the black sandal and started to make her way up.

- - -

Amy completed her climb much more easily that she anticipated. Looking out, away from the feet however she was quickly disheartened by how little off the ground she had really gotten. Turning back to face the toes, she had to pinch her nose a little as the huge man's foot odor started to wash over her like a putrid gust. Holding back a wave of nausea, Amy knew she would have to scale the stinky toe sooner or later. Holding her breath and moving forward... Amy suddenly found herself sliding.

Looking up, all she could see was the underside of the massive foot she was about to scale suddenly start to raise above her. Without thinking, she quickly jammed her hand into the floor of the sandal, halting her movement as she stared up under the shadow of the tremendous sole. Looking outside from a gap between the sandal and foot, Amy guessed the huge hunk must've stretched out his legs and leaned back his feet. Figuring this could only end badly for her, she thought she should just cut her losses and drop out of the sandal. Amy pulled her arm as hard as she could, but alas, she wedged it into the floor of the sandal, completely stuck. Hanging in despair, she almost screamed when a sudden voice boomed out over the room.

"Sorry I'm late Scott. My name is Josh. I'm the owner of Shrink and Swim. I'll be interviewing you today." Called the voice from far above. Amy ruffled her brow slightly as she swore she recognized the man's voice.

"It's the nerd!" She called as she started to wiggle from her arm desperately. "Hey! Please help!"

"Uhh..." Came and even louder voice that Amy could only guess was the man she's been spying on, named Scott. Sighing in defeat, she knew neither of them could hear her. Turns out it would seem she ended up in the interviewing room, not the break room. Kicking the wall in front of her in anger, she couldn't believe she let this happen to herself.

"Over here on the balcony, its ok. Sometimes its a little shocking for people to see a shrunk person first hand." Called the voice of Josh from above. Amy started to notice a slight shift in Scott's weight as the massive man started to lean forward. Sweating nervously, she rolled her body toward Scott's massive foot. The smell wafted over her viciously, but she didn't care at this point. It would take miracle for her to get out of this.

"Woah! No way!" Scott's voice called out loudly as his feet shifted suddenly, and violently. Amy stared up in terror as the foot suddenly fell flat once more and as if in slow motion she found herself having a front row seat of Scott's foot crashing down on top of her.

"Oh my G-" She cried before being immediately silenced. Scott's full weight crushed down on top of her all at once. Right before the simple act of standing up was complete, Amy found herself completely engulfed in the sticky stench of Scott's foot. Unfortunately for the tiny peeper however, almost nothing remained of her aside from an unnoticed red smear beneath the potential employee of Shrink and Swim.

(You can follow this sequence from a different perspective starting here - https://www.writing.com/main/interact/item_id/1815943-Shrink-and-Swim/map/113)
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