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A collection of nature poetry

The snow is such a beautiful sight
On a cold and frosty winter night
But long after night turns to day
All snow melts and drains away
Only to return in the morning hours
Dusting the pines standing tall like towers
Covering the land in a thin blanket of white
That reflects the winter sun’s dim light
Blinding the hunting wolf chasing the hare
Following the fox back into his lair
The silent white world wishes for spring
It longs to hear the bluebird sing
Finally the day comes when the clouds sink low
And they wash away the dirty old snow.


Stars in the heavens
Shine on us below
Fossils from an age
Light from long ago

Constellations telling stories
Whisper in our ears
Their cold glow bringing comfort
From all our darkest fears

Orange is the dusk
Before they start to shine
Opening the night
A magnificent design


Prance around the lilies
each hoof in step with time
Avoid the bustling cities
and up the mountain climb

Towards the mountain grasses
Towards the mountain stream
Avoid the overpasses
Pursue the alpine dream

Go to the cold white stars
and away from the man-made glare
Away from this world of ours
and up to cleaner air

That is where you'll find me
Amid the dew-damp grass
around the swaying pines
and near the lake like glass


What can be found in the Kawarau Gorge?
Water flowing fast and loud,
solid stone eroding away,
and pine trees growing tall and proud.

The water there is crystal.
Clear and always blue,
cold and crisp like snow,
sporting a gem-like hue.

The bank of stone is leaving.
dissolving in the torrent,
digging deeper down,
cliffs of stone, abhorrent.

The tall pines green hold fast.
Their roots going deep down,
splitting dirt and stone,
steadfast and renown.


Like a flower blooms
Inspiration floods my head
A seed is planted

Seed, grow, bloom, love, fade
Patterns of inspiration
The same as flowers
Growing, blooming in my brain
Then fading into nothing.
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