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A trip down to South Texas for Holiday.
The events you are about to read here a based on a true story that hasn't happened yet....Only the names have been changed so that the IRS doesn't come and take anybody's pet Maine Coon housecat away from them.

I am going to a Catholic Church Homecoming Thanksgiving week. Now, take in mind, I am not Catholic, I am Baptist. Full blood Bible thumping Southern Bible Belt Baptist. Only I am a different kind of Protestant. I personally do not have any problems with the Catholics, as some of my Baptist brethren and sisters do. The Catholics are human, just as everyone else who has ever lived, is living, or will live on this planet. That being said, I give you this commandment, which my Saviour Jesus Christ gave me right before His accension...'Love Your Brother'. That's all I got to say about that.

Ok, now... onto the prompt for today's Cramp.

The little church I am going to is in Vattman, Texas. they hold what's called a "homecoming" every Thanksgiving. literally HUNDREDS of people show up for this, because for about 15 bucks, I think it is, you can get a plate STACKED with some of the best Turkey Day cookings you ever set your dentures to. There is also games & a bounce house for the kids. There is a turkey shoot for the sports enthusiasts. I did that one the last time I went... wasted shells... didn't hit a dog-goned thing. Doesn't matter that I can't hit a flying target, what I'm saying is...a great time is always had by all. Then later, after the Thanksgiving "lunch", there is the original Vattman Catholic Church that they love to show off. You can take tours in it & see how it was back in 1915 when they started the church. They do have a newer modern church right next door on the same grounds. Or, you can just mill around & talk to people you ain't seen in a whole year.

I am going down with my sister...who IS Catholic, BTW, on Wed morning, & we ain't coming back until Sunday after the morning service...in same said church.

Well so, that's pretty much it.

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