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With Thanksgiving upon us, here is an essay about why we should be thankful.
Before any of us know it, Thanksgiving shall soon be here, and it seems to me that I am not the only person in this universe who should be thankful for the many blessings in his or her lifetime. There are so many people in this great world of ours who are grateful that they should give heartfelt thanks for the things that they have accomplished in life, as well as the food and drink and the roofs over their heads. However, there are other people who do not have the important needs in this life, not very much so that they probably do not have anything in their minds to be thankful for. Of course, if they do not have basic necessities, then what is the point for them when it all comes down to being about how we should be thankful for things?
As for myself, I am so grateful that after all of those years, I finally have a job, a job that helps me focus on the many tasks of my job in which I supposed to do, not to mention the fact that it pays me good money. I am also grateful for having been given the talent of writing as well as the talent of drawing and doing other artwork such as painting. And then, once one tries to combine those talents together, the results can be very special. I have attempted to combine two of my talents together, with moderate success. I am hoping to do more of the same for the coming year.
Yes, Thanksgiving is a holiday, but it is so very much more than that: It is pausing for a time to give heartfelt thanks for the things that we have accomplished in this past year, all while looking forward at what we can achieve in the coming year, and beyond. And that’s in addition to the many blessings that we have in life.

But our gratitude for the things that we have in life, either important or unimportant, should not be limited to just Thanksgiving itself; We should show our gratitude every day. We should always be thankful for the God-given gifts of our talents. We should always be thankful for the supermarkets that provide the food that we need. We should be thankful for the clothing stores that provide us with the clothes that cover our bodies each day. We should be thankful for those in public office. We should be thankful for the police, fire, and ambulance departments who help us keep our streets and cities safe. We should be thankful for our teachers for helping our children teach about the many things in life.
We should also be thankful for mothers and fathers for raising their children well. We should be thankful for librarians for providing us with books to read. Most importantly, we should always be thankful, not just at Thanksgiving but every day, for our Armed Forces: The Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard, those who have risked their lives to protect every one of us in this great country of ours. For that and so many more, we should ALWAYS be grateful.
And finally, I myself would like to offer my thanks as Thanksgiving approaches; I am thankful for my co-workers, those in which I can have someone to talk to. I am also thankful for my supervisors, those who have helped me shape into the good worker in which I am today, but it isn’t easy to always do a good job. You have to concentrate really hard on trying to do your work as well as you can, to the very best of your ability. I am still learning as of this writing, and though I could slip a little bit, I have not turned down a task that they have asked me to do.

As Thanksgiving approaches, if you would like to give thanks for the most important things in life, just use what I have mentioned as an example. Then jot down your own important things on what you should be thankful for, and what you should ALWAYS be thankful for. A happy & blessed Thanksgiving to one and all.

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