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a song about me going to the crossroads and selling my soul... true story


The devil In the desert with wealth and taste but no face, standing on a briefcase

Offering me a cigar sayin I'll go far, driving Cadillac cars and playing a mean guitar

For your deepest desires your playing with fire

You could just be being seduced by a snake tongue liar

Haunting voices wrap around my head, playing till my fingers bled, shook that hand but I was already dead

Boney Fingers and gospel singers in a room full of swingers

While that golden fiddle plays a hodown blood drips down from a rose crown

Down to the crossroads I go to sell my soul

Signed the dotted line on that ancient scroll

Forever in ink, he gave me a wink and was gone in a blink.

Gone without a trace

Platinum album in his place

Life in the fast lane caught up in the race

He loaned me 20 bills while I fled for the hills

Spent it on some funny pills

That kill the pain in my brain

Am I going insane

Now I'm flying on a private jet with a buffet of cocaine

Fast women and fancy cars

Playin In Smokey bars

Picking on old guitars

Lucy has your mind blown

Feeling like a child but you're grown

Strangeness all around

A serpents hiss the only sound

Eat the forbidden fruit

And a piper plays the flute

At the gates of dawn I stand World at my command

Just playing in the band while we travel the land

When I was young I shone like the sun

Lately I've been living life on the run

A crazy diamond in the rough avoiding cuffs

Eyes like black holes in the sky

Not afraid to die

Words I choked now I spoke

On a ship of fools bound for treasure island when the thunder broke

An angel choir sings on high up in the sky, while a demon band jams on the land.

The angel of music was tame

Prince of darkness now his name, for all the best music he's to blame.

Selling in or selling out the sound is what it's all about

Tritone chills you to bone

People surround me but I feel alone

Got a burning fire inside that's hard to hide

That's what happens when particles collide

The morning star shines so sublime like a fireball in the night sky

A stairway to heaven or a highway to hell

I'm so burnt out it's hard to tell

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