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Let's talk about popcorn
         I've seen all types of stories out there, but I've never seen one on popcorn comparisons. So I decided to pop a hub on out about popcorn. These little fluffy tasty wonders can pop as high as three feet into the air, and the moisture content in the kernels is what makes them pop. The kernels in popcorn start popping at a temperature of 347° degrees. The scientific name for popcorn is ZEA MAYS EUERTA, and popcorn is a member of the grass family. There are two different types of popcorn, and they are mushroom and snowflake. Popcorn is enjoyed in many different flavors, and popcorn comes in 700 varieties. The un-popped kernels in popcorn are called old maids or spinsters.

         The colonists enjoyed popcorn at the very first Thanksgiving feast in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which was a gift from the native Americans. Native Americans popped their popcorn right on the cob. In the early 1700's kettle corn was introduced, and popcorn became popular during the great depression in the 1890's. In 1945 microwave popcorn was discovered, and came onto the scene. Americans eat over 16 billion quarts of popcorn each and every year. The American Diabetes Association suggest popcorn as a sugar free snack. Popcorn is a very good snack, and it is one of the hottest ways to make money at fairs with both it's low overhead and high profit margin. So if you are looking for another line of work, then here's an idea for you.

         Every year on January 19th, National popcorn day is celebrated. April 7th is Carmel popcorn day. The entire month of October is National popcorn popping month, which has nothing to do with Orville Redenbacher's birthday (July 16th 1907 - September 19th 1995) . Now armed with all of these facts, I decided to go out and find out just what popcorn folks liked best. Being a highly motivated person I scoured the land in search of the truth. I went door to door, asked people who I work with, and I even asked total strangers on the street. Some people were a little bit hesitant at first about the question. Some people were suspicious about the question, and thought that I was trying to sell them some popcorn. And maybe I should have sold some popcorn then I could of maybe made a little money while I was at it. Some people totally didn't care one way or another, and some people don't like the popcorn kernels getting stuck in their teeth. Eventually I got enough answers, so that I could compile all of the following statistics for this story. I surveyed well over 100 different people, and asked them if they preferred microwave popcorn or stove top popcorn. 27% of those questioned said they liked microwave popcorn, and an overwhelming 73% of those surveyed said that they liked popcorn that was cooked on top of the stove. There was also a small portion of people who refused to answer the question. So here's the breakdown-

Microwave had 27% of the vote

         27% of the people I surveyed preferred microwave popcorn. Their reasons were that microwave popcorn was both fast and quick to make. They liked it more because it was also easy, and simple to make. Most really liked the part where there was no mess to clean up after wards. A woman said she ate it when she didn't have the time to prepare stove top popcorn. One person emphasized that it was really good if you had the right microwave, and another said they liked it because they have been eating it that way as long as they can remember. I guess that's as good a reason as any.

Stove top had 73% of the vote

         Stove top popcorn won by a landslide. People really love their popcorn prepared this way. Some people simply just like popping it, while others like the slow popping. Some folks like cooking their popcorn on the stove top, so that they can add cheese to it. Others feel that popcorn taste better when it's cooked on top of the stove, and that more of the kernels pop as well. Some people like making it that way, and hearing it pop. There were other people who like it because they felt that microwave popcorn was bad for you, and could kill you. There was even one woman who said that microwave popcorn was going to be phased out by the government in the next few years. I have no idea where she got her information from. I even bumped into one gentleman who claimed he was a popcorn connoisseur. To this day I don't know if he had a certificate or some type of special degree in popcorn, or if he was just a self proclaimed popcorn connoisseur. He likes the hands on activity, and using special equipment to prepare his popcorn. He enjoys putting the oil in himself, and watching the popcorn pop. He said if they would give him his own television talk show, that he could talk forever on the subject of popcorn. He even bragged that his son was born on January 19th, which is National popcorn day. I didn't catch his son's name, but I really wonder now if the boy was named after popcorn.

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