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What will be the outcome of this mission? Come inside this world and see what is in store!
Occulta Mundo’s
A. V.

Chapter 3

“The Mission”

About three months ago, in Sabbia… right after the Barter-House One Incident….

(Viper out of breath from running) “Excuse me, Ma’am and Sirs……. I have returned from my mission….at Barter-House One……. (he breathes heavily) …… the Special Agents that set up the phony deal……captured them all…………… (he tries gasping for air)... But they didn’t kill…….
(Fang Leader Sai interrupts him): “Nicely done, that’s what I’m talking about…. (Viper finishes his sentence): “…all of them!”

(Fang Leader Sai quickly stands up): “Say What?!”

(Fang Leader Bai lifts his head): “You mean they died? How? Who the hell killed them!?

(Sai abruptly jolts towards him like a beast on all fours): “So you fuckin failed your mission! I should kill you right now!

(Charlotte Cherokee quickly snaps her fingers)

(Sai stops in his tracks, glaring at Viper)

(Charlotte continues with her eyes closed, legs folded, with palms open and arms extended out in front of her)

“Eagle Eye is dead; two knives entered his throat at the same entry point. His neck split open; his blood gushed out.

She moves her fingers like a black widow spins her webs.

“Red Hawk received three darts to the chest, despite being immune to poison, he didn’t survive. Two of the darts had special poison never before seen in these parts; the last dart pumped air into his bloodstream, and he died moments later.”

She continues; moving her palms in clockwise and counterclockwise motions.

“Black Falcon received a blow to his chest, cracking his clavicle, shattering six ribs, and certain key sections of his spine, paralyzing him. He is currently bedridden and imprisoned at the Sentinel Compound in Center City, Tenohira.”

(Sai stands upright): “You have to be fucking kidding me!”

(Bai hangs his head and sighs):
“We have to get him outta there.”

(Sai walks over to the war council table, sits down, and puts his chin into his right hand): “This was a direct hit against our family. Don’t you have enough power to contact him from here Big Sis, I am sure he has been waiting for it?”

(Bai sits down with Sai): “We know you didn’t approve of their criminal escapades and unlawful dealings Charlotte…however, they are still family and we cannot let him rot in jail!”

(Charlotte Cherokee firmly responds):
“Yes, I could contact him, Sai, but we cannot strike so soon.
We will make plans to get him out. Especially since this was purposely done….”

(Sai quickly utters:): “You mean them being targeted and killed?

“Not necessarily brother, the agents who did this are the ones who gave us these scars from that time……,
We thought they traveled here to plunder and pillage the villages of Sabbia…., but after they knocked us out…. they moved on…., killing no one and leaving with nothing.

(she stares at the bracelets on her right wrist and rubs them)

I am speaking about the Parliament officials I saw giving them this mission!”

(Sai looks at her with a disgruntled face):” …., what exactly are you trying to say?

(Bai quickly mentions): “They were being used.”

(Charlotte Cherokee sits at the head of the war council table):
“Sai, I am saying that someone wanted to weaken us, and yes, Bai, those two are being used.
I have a feeling that the powers that be won’t stop here.
Viper be gone, you are forgiven and dismissed……never…. fail us again!
Brothers… start the plans to save him…., alert the troops of a possible government raid……. and fortify the villages.

(Sai and Bai nod and agree in unison):” Aye, Indeed Sister”
And something about those two seems familiar…., I noticed it in our fight back then. Even her weapons had those markings.
I have a feeling that we will be seeing the Man-Beast and She-Devil again……very… very soon…”

Present Day?

The star of the dawn shimmers through the shadowy canopy of the Valle Mortis woodland. It creates a murky and dim haze with numerous pallid beams of light shining on the forest floor. As she walks to the custom-made bamboo cabana behind her three-story cabins, she slips out of her evening wardrobe. I see a sheer sea green and gold linen caftan that caressed the contours of her bosom and embraced the curves of her waist. Her maiden picks up the clothing and hands her a folded towel.

She entered her private shower, a system that siphoned water from the Nardoj River through a series of heated canals that filtered out from the cabana walls. This genius invention allowed for an ideal temperature cleanse; her maidens already set out her bath salts, natural soaps, and essential oils. Surrounding the walls were stone basins with heated coals that sent exfoliating steam through the vents. Three maidens enter her bath, donned in matching bathing attire that covered their delicate areas, one equipped with a bathing blade in her hands. After washing away the yesterday, water dripping down her exotic long locks, her delightful pores opened; she looks back over her left shoulder, stares off into the distance, and smirks.

She turns and faces her attendants as they immediately apply an herbal rinse to her body. They use special foam to her underarms and delicate areas; she proceeds to sit down in a seat, situated in the middle of the sauna floor, with her arms open wide and legs resting on the shoulders of two maidens. They start to carefully and skillfully trim away her silky, wavy, woolen hair. Her arms, stomach, and legs are shaped so perfectly with a beautifully muscled, firmly toned physique. A goddess in her own right, I can only imagine getting the chance to touch her again……. Ah-Mahth… Ah-Mahth...

“Ah-Mahth get your ass up, DON’T YOU HAVE TO GET TO THE BAR AND OPEN UP!”

“huh... What?... What? No, I quit, man, dammit to hell, why’d you wake me up, this was the best dream I ever had!

“Stop fucking dreaming about that girl, she isn’t worried about you fool! And what the hell do you mean you quit, how are we going to pay the landlord?!

“Don’t worry about that; it’s all paid off… We own it now. I have things I have to do, and I can’t work there anymore.”

“You're weird… but whatever, our spots paid off, I am going to work, I still got bills.”

“As you should.”

Present Day

The star of the dawn shimmers through the shadowy canopy of the Valle Mortis woodland. It creates a murky and dim haze with numerous pallid beams of light shining on the forest floor. Several deputy agents finished packing the wagons with all the security surveillance equipment, weapons, tools, toiletries, and nourishment needed for the trip to the Black District.

The Old Man inquired the whereabouts of the Little Girl from one of the maids that will be living in the abode while they are gone.

“She is in the back, sir; I believe she took a bath in the cabana.”

“Aye, ok, thank you.” The Old Man headed to the back and saw the Little Girl lying on the bench outside the cabana house.

“Hey… hey... Wake Up, it’s time to go... Is she serious?!”. The Old Man grabbed a stink beetle, stabbed it, and put the tip of the knife under her nose.

“Ah! What’s that horrid smell?!” she screeched. The Little Girl sat up with squinty eyes and a scrounged-up face. “What the hey Pops? Geez, why’d you do that?”

“You're lying here dressed, but napping with a big ole’ smile on your face, what do you expect? What the heck were you dreaming about anyway?”

“Oh…… nothing!” Let's go pops, you’re LATE!”. The Little Girl skipped away and jumped into the wagon.”

“This girl is going to be the death of me.”

They both meet at the wagon caravan.

“Make sure you gather anything else you may need. This is going to be one of our biggest jobs in a while. We have enough supplies and food to hold us for a week, but if the roads ahead forsake us, we will find and kill something on the way.” “…or… just restock on supplies and food in one of the villages.”, whispered the Little Girl jokingly. The Old Man smiled at her sly remark as he readied the batteries for the wagons.

The Old Man and Little Girl head out of the valley accompanied by five deputy agents and five Artisan Guild members that are assisting them on this mission. The Little Girl sits in the back seat of the wagon’s hub, sharpening her Misericorde. She is an exceptionally well rounded Telum user. The last time she had a significant fight (in Sabbia an island of Cambalanche), her primary weapons were lost and had to resort to Dimicio style. “Fighting on my back that time was cool and all, but I would rather sink my blade into their torso; I’m glad Hakim Hadad made me this!” she thought to herself, wearing a twisted grin.

Despite her demeanor, the Little Girl is very well prepared and meticulous when it comes to her profession. The Old Man had the brothers add to her already a massive assortment of combat and non-combat gear. They weaved her main garments with an attack-resistant material. If the pattern of the material is harshly disturbed, say from a projectile or weapon attack, the threads would activate. It forcefully repels the foreign object, similar to the defensive quills of a porcupine. They fitted her with multiple new gauntlets and specially made Bandolier that held her new venom-dipped miniature Kunai. The Old Man also was able to retrieve her original Dual Kukri; Hakim Hadad had altered the handles with elastic-like chains to provide the ability to send a long-distance attack. She initially lost them in the battle against Charlotte Cherokee and the Brothers of the Fang. He kept lookouts at the trading posts in the barter-houses throughout the region; he ordered them to purchase the weapons as soon as they showed. She had these particular weapons with her ever since he found her that time ago, after the event of the void, immobilized from the waist down.

The caravan reached its first destination, northeast of the valley, to an area called the Grove of the Birch, that is where the Valle Mortis Malefica reside. It is the rendezvous point that was given to the brothers after their training. They halted the caravan and went out to meet the brothers. They gave palms and allowed the crew to load their tools and belongings into the wagons. As they resume the voyage, the team discusses their next moves.

“I informed the upper echelons of your experience and reputation. They have officially registered you as DRIFT Senior Agents, and listed you as closed members of our Koroshimasu team,” stated the old man.

“Yes, Sir!” Amar, Hadad, and Khaliq responded together as they sat, huddled around the center of the head wagons hub.

“Um, quick question... Our team name is “KILL?” asked Hakim Amar raising his hand.

“Yes, it was a name given to us by the people in the region, it kind of just stuck.”, explained the Old man.

“I like it!” added the Little Girl.

“Will that be a problem?” he asked.

“No, sir. NOT. AT. ALL, I like having a reputation like that!” said Hakim Amar.

“Moving on. Originally, the request from the Honshu family stated that they wanted us to interview and recruit certain special agents that they felt would best suit the mission. Just recently, I received a report that there was an accident with the delivery regiment carrying imports for the auc-…” “I never liked those other special agents!” said the Little Girl, as she interrupted the Old Man, staring at the ground with her fists clenched, cracking her knuckles.

“Yes, so you understand.”, the Old Man nodded his head in agreement.

Amar and Hadad sat there with confused looks as Khaliq, the youngest brother, sat hunched forward, staring at the center console where the Old Man was focusing on the mission briefing.

“Are we missing something?” stated Hakim Hadad.

“Yeah, I’m lost…. what does the accident have to do with the special agents?” added Hakim Amar.

“With an S Class mission such as this Sirs, more than likely the Honshu family handpicked certain special agents and hired a private military team to bring these goods into the city. It would be commonplace to also have them use a secret route only known to a select few if this cargo was that precious. The private military regiment that is used for deliveries is run by a certain man. This man never breaks his code and cannot be bought, and he has kill switches for the men and women that he hires; so there is no way he doubled crossed one of the five families.”, the Little Girl explained as she still sat fists clenched, staring at the center console.

“Ah, shit, you mean there’s crooked special agents out there?!” gasped Hakim Amar.

“Why do we assume that the special agent’s information was distributed willfully; why not by force,” asked Hakim Hadad.

“The special agents that were chosen, even though we really didn’t get along, were the strongest next to our team. It is highly unlikely they were beaten and got the information tortured out of them.”, the Old Man placed a blueprint of the Black District Auction House on the center console.
“Those special agents turned for whatever reason, but apparently the delivery regiment was still able to retain the main item of interest and only lost a small amount of the auction cargo, and a few people. We are no longer required to gather additional team members; however, we have to have the Auction House staff close off the certain entry and exit points, so we won’t be spread thin”, added the Old Man.

“Aye, sir, and... where exactly do you need... us?” questioned Hakim Khaliq in a curious tone, pointing his thumbs at himself and his brothers.

“It looks like something is on your mind, Khaliq, what is it that is bothering you?” asked the Old Man.

“I never told you what happened to me during the Certamina Animo Arte’ training, sir. While we were hooked up to the Hydrothrone, I received an unsettling and eerie vision.”, said Khaliq.

“We all did, bro!” added Amar and Hadad.

“I had to go through my father being killed all over again!” explained Hakim Hadad.

“I can’t even explain mine; all I know is I felt someone I knew was being taken away, right in front of me... and I couldn’t do anything about it. A gang of weird-looking soldiers kept attacking me and trying to hold me down.”, explained Amar shaking his head.

“I know, I know, guys, but what I am saying is my vision had me inside of an auction house just like this one, stationed on the top of a balcony surveying the room. I have been trying to recollect the rest of the vision, but for some reason, it feels like it’s being taken away. All I know is, sir, is that I am getting a weird vibe about this auction mission. If possible... Can you station us in the same building, and specifically place me on the balcony? I am hoping it will trigger the memories.” Hakim Khaliq was confused and wary regarding the situation.

“I highly doubt that your memories will come back, but anything could happen. I just know that the liquid solution of the hydrothrone secretes an enzyme that erases the memories. Nevertheless, placing you three inside this Auction House was my plan anyway. Sentinels will be stationed along with Auction House Security at the regular entry and exit ways. You three will be utilized for structure fortification and civilian deterrent. Once done, you will guard specific elites on the second floor.” The old man places figures on the blueprint indicating their positions.

“I already know my extended family in the last wagon are loyal, but can we trust those other agents with us?” asked Hakim Amar with the brothers nodding in agreement.

“Those five deputy agents that you speak of… the three men and two women you see in this caravan……. are your main team members, and THE ONES THAT WILL MAKE SURE YOU DON’T DIE ON THIS MISSION!”, the Little Girl slams both her fists on the center console and glares at the brothers with a stern look in her eyes.

“Yes ma’am!!!, We didn’t mean any harm by it… we are just inquiring because of all the… “Stop talking.”, uttered the Old man.
The brothers immediately silenced.

“Understand this quickly. We are not some novice, greenhorn, ragtag team just starting out. We have worked extremely hard over the years, honing our craft, building relationships, and solidifying our reputation in this known world. She feels disrespected that you would even think that we can carelessly jeopardize our own mission and team by bringing someone into the fold that has the potential to betray us. It is a smack in the face to your superiors and a kick to the balls for you three; you should be holding yourselves to higher regard as well. You are our precious comrades, we don’t even operate like that, and we wouldn’t do that to you.”, explained the Old Man.

The Little Girl, still standing up and glaring at the three brothers, added these words:
“As we speak, this mission briefing is being amplified and channeled through these unique walls built into the wagon; do you know how?
The brothers quickly shook their heads left to right in unison, indicating “no.”

“We have worked on multiple special missions together with this crew, and they have far more proven themselves way before you all came here. You may be skilled now and instantly ranked up to Senior Agents, but you are still students of The Path and our subordinates. Meditate on the knowledge that you have learned and apply the wisdom. Pray to discern the atmosphere around you when you are in the presence of your superiors; once you do so, it won’t be so easy for you to speak so foolishly!”

The brothers, embarrassed and ashamed, understanding their error, apologized for their careless mistakes. For the rest of the journey, they were filled with reassuring confidence, listened more attentively, and held their tongue much more often, while the Old Man delivered the details for the rest of the mission.

As the wagons continue their journey, The Little Girl sits back in the seat close to the window, she pulls out her dual kukri blades admiring the modifications. She gives a nod to Hakim Hadad as he smiles and gives the nod back; she loves it. The thought never occurred that her hands would grasp these weapons again. The Old man told her that she had them clinched in her fists when he found her that time ago.

Altogether the core team consisted of 15 crew members. The Old Man and Little Girl would be escorting, assisting, and bodyguarding the Honshu Family representatives directly. These Tenomachi lords will be hosting this auction and overseeing the items in person. Under the supervision of Hakim Khaliq, the brothers will go-ahead to the Auction House and close off any unnecessary entryways and exits, while still leaving the first emergency and private escape routes untouched. Afterward, they are to change into their Senior Agent Security Uniforms and meet the three dignitaries they were assigned too and escort them to their special seating. The five Artisan Guild members were tasked with locating the underground escape tunnels that were already prebuilt by the city. Once found, they had to create a private, reinforced, alternate route to the Shadow Villa.

This private, fortified security villa was purchased and established by the Old Man and The Little Girl, and it served as one of the Tenomachi Taskforces Headquarters, and an S-Class mission Hub. It was easy to find and have custom made apartments and villas here because of the citizens that live, work, play, and frequent this area. It is conveniently located in a prime area of the Black District, short distanced from the auction house. The Artisan Guild members constructed snares around the villa using the blueprints from the Valley Mortis forest project. Though located in a danger prone area, no small-time criminal would be foolish enough to try to infiltrate.

Last but not least, managing this facility, supervising all security surveillance, overseeing telecommunications, and providing reinforcements were the five deputy agents. This group was handpicked by the Old Man and the Little Girl three years ago after Commissioner Aiden sent in a report of a botched mission involving three male and two female agents. They were after an apothecary technician from the Black District who was testing sedatives on destitute and orphaned children. Due to lousy intel, the pursuit led to a trap, and a freak explosion occurred in the warehouse where the criminal was working. The mission failed because they lost all the evidence, which angered the Parliament. What piqued the interest of the Old Man was the fact that they were still able to catch the fugitive, all while suffering from third-degree burns and permanent loss of sight.

Upper echelons wanted to revoke their agent licenses, but Commissioner Aiden and the top Special Agents in the city stepped in and took responsibility for them. The five could keep their deputy agent licenses but lost all exclusive benefits, perks, and privileges that came with the title. The Old Man and Little Girl trained the five and got them back into shape. They covered all living, recreational, and medical expenses and provided a yearly salary for them.

After training under the Semita De Artium and the secondary scrolls of the Certamina, they became advanced practitioners of the Certimina Animo Arte, Certimina Vita Arte, and Certamina Corpus Arte; Batuo, Telum, and Macto Style. This unique blend of talents led them to be blessed with the ability to read, detect, send, and receive positive and negative energies that are emitted in the area around them. Through mission experience and training, they came to develop a system that not only enhanced their criminal detection capabilities but also amplified their abilities to covertly communicate with their team.

Combining quartz crystals, birchwood, and the skills of The Path, the Blind Five created a mobile-security surveillance network.
Demon Eye, an energy motion-detecting device that sends radio frequencies, sound waves, and kinetic energy images and information through the earth’s natural underground network directly to its operators. Terravoice, a device that sends and receives instant short distance sound waves with those who share the same frequency. This crystal device can be placed on the ear to resemble a jewelry stud or can be applied to the neck area under the ear. Terranote, a device that sends and receives long-distance messages from those that are on the same energy frequency. The words manifest on the front of the invention, using unique minerals and liquid encased by the crystal. The five, individually, only called by their corresponding numbers, have been, and are, the greatest assets to Koroshimasu’s past success. They will also be the crucial key to success in the Black District.

The Parliament established Auction Houses throughout each region and in each major district. The Black District Auction House is hardly used by them or The Parliament because of the company that surrounds it. It is located on the outskirts of Tenomachi, and it is nestled next to the Red District. It is the home and the base of operations for a majority of the legal and illegal underground businesses and businessmen in Tenomachi. Here, one will find illegitimate hustlers, gangster organizations, private and public gambling houses, vigilante hideouts, secret military factions, specialized law firms, dark mage guilds, outlaws, and secret lairs.

The Koroshimasu convoy made it to the Black District…… everyone is completing their orders and getting into their positions…

Team Charlie: Fortify, Relay, Secure, Survey

(Agent Khaliq yells out orders): “Ok, Let’s go! Finish the construction so I can give the emergency layouts to the security teams!
(All Artisan Members respond)
“YES, SIR!!!”

(Commissioner Aiden inquires): “So you guys are making new exits and closing up the old ones?”

(Agent Amar responds): “Aye Sir, because of the possible leak, the building layout may be compromised, The Engineer will quickly distribute new emergency placards to your teams.

(Agent Hadad adds): “In the case of an evacuation, please follow the placards directly; we have already sealed up the unnecessary entryways and exits. Our CSN will make sure your teams and the civilians are safe while you escape!”

{CSN (Combat Surveillance Network) – Enhanced criminal detection system. Combines Artisan security traps that can be activated automatically or by HQ once an enemy is found, in pursuit of or on the run}

(nearby Security Guard speaks to his partner): “I have never seen a setup like this!” “Is all this really necessary?”

(his partner responds): “There’s a reason they’re Agents and were not buddy… obviously, they know something that we don’t.”

The Engineer, The Mason, and The Blacksmith completed the building fortification and head to the front of the facility to await their assigned dignitaries: Sultan Omar from the Island of Sabbia of Cambalanche, Emperor Del Ala Deem of The Land of Stoneking of Cambalanche, and Queen Emerald Marbella of the Obsidian Kingdom of Cambalanche. These monarchs, along with their entourage and cohorts, came to Tenomachi for this particular auction.

Outside the Auction House, the scene looks like a celebration or premiere of sorts. The sidewalk decked with crimson carpets and velvet ropes. Made men and women of note arrive in their exquisite wagons equipped with armed motorcades. An assortment of Black District & Tenomachi media outlets, onlookers & fans, cronies, goons, male, female, and other, of all shapes and sizes; the grandeur and pomp of the Black District.

(Agent Amar whispers) “Uhm bro, I thought this auction was supposed to be private and closed to the public……. What the hell is this!!!”

(Agent Hadad whispers back) “Yes, I feel it bro……, Maybe that’s still the case? I think the Black District underground does things a little ……, differently!”

“Oh MY GOD It’s the HAKIM’S!!!!” yelled multiple Red Light District courtesans…….

“Damn, they look good in those uniforms, I could hardly recognize them.”, said the Sentinel Captain Xiomara to herself.

“They assisted my Father in creating our mountain hideout; if it wasn’t for their expertise, he would be dead,” added a group of intimidating children. They were leaned against a two-level armored wagon, hands in their pockets, dressed in all black suits, black ties, and fedoras; the Niños Cartel.

“THEY’RE AGENTS NOW?” said the leader of a local construction company. “

(voice in the shadows murmurs) “Yes…. (flutter, flutter) … Indeed……go ahead and celebrate, ……you all will pay…….”

Bravo Team: See all Evil, Hear all Evil!

Meanwhile, the Blind Five, agents one, two, and four are moving through the Auction House unseen, undetected, not making a sound; shadows of the stealth Shinobi assassins of the Shogunate in the Edo period. They fly, cutting through the air like shuriken, devices hitting their mark, one after another. Flipping off barriers, gliding over the top of Auction house chairs. They…. will see all. They…. will hear all... They… will feel…. all!

(Agent One radios in): “All designated areas have the Devil’s Eye, (over)”

(Agent Three responds): “(10 4], All agents and allies are on the proper channels, [over]”

(Agent Five sounds off):” [Copy that], Shadow Villa online, Setting energy transmission beacons, [over]”

(Agent Three calls out on comms): “Shadow Villa to Alpha One……, Shadow Villa to Alpha One, Come in,”

(Koroshimasu Head answers): “This is Alpha One Leader, go ahead…”

(Agent Three relays mission progress): “Yes sir, Shadow Villa is fully online, please proceed with mobile Devils Eye placement on the Honshu, [over]”

(Koroshimasu Leader answers): “[ Copy that], items placed, both subjects tracked and secured, [ over]

(Agent Three acknowledges): “[ 10 4], All networks are a go! thank you, sir!”

(Nearby Sentinel Officer speaks): “Why do we have to walk around with this patch on our necks?”

(his partner responds): “Apparently those Special Agents and their team have some sort of criminal or danger detection system in place, I honestly feel safer with it. I can’t stand being stationed here in the Black District; I want to make it home to my wife and kids, you know?

The Blind Five completed the entire network, fully linking the Shadow Villa and Auction House and its surrounding areas. Commissioner Aiden and the Sentinel Force, Auction House Security, and all squads have been equipped with Terravoice. This is the first time that the Koroshimasu Teams surveillance tools were made known to those other than Commissioner Aiden.

It’s the 15th day, the month of November, the year 10 AV (after the void). The auction started at 19:00:00 in the evening.

The location, The Black District- Downtown Kurayami, Tenomachi of the Western Plains.

The Honshu family started off this spectacle event with a famous band and orchestra from the Philippine Sea, setting the mood. The best culinary artists were lined up in front of the auction stage, flames rising out of the giant golden grilles, roasting numerous varieties of delectable beasts. Transportable ovens are full of delicious baked desserts and dainty delicacies that entertain and sets the palate. Followed by delightful bouillabaisses and bisques heating on the hobs. Glamorous Sabbian, Stonian, and Tenomachi Oiran graced the many erected pillars placed throughout the auction hall, as the best courtesans and noble escorts walked the aisles. An event like this has never been seen this side of Tenomachi, let alone the Western Plains on this side of the void…

19:30:00 (Orohime’ of the Honshu Family takes the stage)

“Welcome all Kings & Queens. Hail to the foreign Emperors, Empresses, and Sultans. Greetings Dignitaries and Nobles, Elites and Debutantes, Good evening to the Made Men and Women of the Tenomachi Underworld. Please stand and applaud for the mastermind that brought this auspicious auction together, the head of the Kazama Unlimited Corporation, Lord of the Honshu family, part of the governing body of Tenomachi, Your Host and Master of Ceremonies, and my Father, Lord Heihachi Honshu!!!!!
The auction house goes up in a sea of cheer and applause as the head of the Honshu family walks out from behind the side curtains, followed by his two sons, two nephews, and their bodyguards. The Old Man and Little Girl take the stage as well, shadowing the family as they wave at the audience. An auctioneer and his assistant bring out the first black-market item on the docket.

(Koroshimasu Leader radios in): “Alpha One Leader to Shadow Villa HQ, main stage clear and secure, [over]”

(Shadow Villa HQ): “(10 4) Alpha one leader (over)”

19:35:00 (Heihachi Honshu stands at the Auction House central Podium).

“I am simply elated that you all have made it here! And let’s be honest, you all didn’t come here to see my beautiful face; you came here to see our Black Market treasures that you miscreants have heard about on the underground!!!”

The audience bursts out in laughter and applause. For almost an hour, the Honshu family displayed exotic, bizarre, and unusual national treasures this world has never seen. It seemed that these misanthropic group of menaces was salivating at every bite that Heihachi Honshu fed them!

“Without further ado, this item is an absolute oddity. For all our lovers of lost lands, peoples, and antiquities, you better get your paddles ready! Found in the deep shadows of the Black Wood, belonging to the extinct tribes of the Lizarro…. It is said that the wise men of this people called upon ancient being for help who, in turn, cursed their nation, trapping them inside this statue so they wouldn’t become slaves to the encroaching enemy. WE HAVE FOUND THIS RARITY! BEHOLD THE STATUE OF THE WYVERN!!! At night, if you listen closely, you can actually hear an entire civilization! BIDS STARTING AT $25,000.00 Silver!”

“Right here! $35,000.00 Sil!”

“We have $35,000.00 Sil, do we have $35,500.00 Sil!”

“Nice!” “Ok! Now we have $40,000.00 Sil!”

“Woah! $40,500.00 Sil, do we have $50,000.00 Sil!”

“Let’s do it, people, YEAH, don’t get shy now!”

“Whoop, Whoop! $100,000.00 Sil!” “Okay! $100,000.00 Sil!”

“Is that all you’ve got! “

“Ah Yes, Ok! $100,500.00 Sil!... Do we have a $200,000.00 Sil?

...... Going once?......... Going Twice?....... “WOW! $500,000.00 GOL!”

Aye Aye Aye! That’s a big one! Do we perhaps have $500,500.00 Gold? Going once? Going twice?
Sold to? tooooo? … The creepy looking Monkish guy!

(20:31:00) (Audience cheers and applauds in an uproar & Frenzy)

(Agent Amar radios in) “Balcony one, all clear and subject secure.”

(Agent Khaliq checks in) “[10 4], Balcony two all …, wait..thats... Master’s friend... What’s the priest doing here?!........... hmm… It’s coming back to me…………………….. Where is that shiny, round, weird thing? …………………….and what the hell is that flapping noise??!!?!

(Shadow Villa HQ radios all channels)

“Eyes Up, There’s a disturbance outside the Auction House!”

Outside the Auction House, a throng of Fang troops has swarmed the building! Multiple fights have broken out between the Fang and Sentinel Officers...

“Well, Well, Well, Commissioner Aiden…. Hahaha, we meet again!!!

(Commissioner Aiden fends off multiple troops) “What the hell are you doing out, argh!!! Black Faaalcoonnnn!

(Sentinel Captain Xiomara fends off soldiers and radios to Sentinel Prison) “Check the cells now, find out what the hell happened…. Argh!!!!

Black Falcon is here at the Auction house?!???!

(Koroshimasu Leader radios in): “This is Alpha one leader to all squads, Alpha One Leader to all units…

(Shadow Villa HQ responds): “(Copy that) “connecting all channels!”

(Koroshimasu Leader continues): “Enter Protocol Black, I repeat… enter Protocol Black! Get all subjects to the designated escape routes now, Shadow Villa, monitor the escape routes, and activate all traps if necessary. Send reinforcements to collect the subjects. Squad One and Three commence assault!”

(All Squads) “Aye, Sir!!!”

(20:32:00) Sentinel Prison Compound in Center City, Tenohira

“Hurry up and check the cells!!!” “We received a report that he escaped!”

“That can’t be” “There’s no way he escaped; he can hardly move!!!”

(Guard looks at the prison cell)


(Prison Guard radios into Captain Xiomara): “MA’AM AFFIRMATIVE HES NOT IN THE ……………………….

(Prison guards choking) Stop! No! What the hell,,,,, a mirage??!! Get your hands………. off……………….


(Captain Xiomara on the radio) “Guard...! Guard! Come in, what’s going on?

(Radio silence)

(CHARLOTTE CHEROKEES VOICE) “Are you okay, Falcon?”





(20:36:00) Auction House Incident Ground Zero!

All squads have safely gotten their subjects to the escape tunnels and joined the fray outside! The Old man sensing weird vibe heads to the backstage area. The Little Girl meets up with the Brothers and runs to give aide to the Sentinel force outside the auction house. Khaliq goes after the Druid Priest!

(Captain Xiomara yells out) “Aiden, be careful that’s not Black Falcon, he’s escaping as we speak, we were tricked!!!

(Commissioner Aiden responds) “Aye, Captain! So…. Who the hell are you?

(the imposter utters not a word but starts to move around awkwardly and slowly…. staring at him, like a predator bird stalking its prey) -----------------------------
The two combatants circle each other….

(Commissioner Aiden continues) “No words huh?!, Ok fine with ME! -------------------------

The two enemies clash! The imposter launches a fury of attacks at Commissioner Aiden as he blocks them all and delivers a slew of ferocious attacks of his own. They both go at it for 3 minutes on end, but it seemed like hours. The Commissioner dodges an uppercut and lands a decisive blow, knocking the enemy into the auction house wall. The imposter arose out of the rubble, he seems un-phased as Commissioner Aiden…. out of breath…., from his mouth, falls to his knees. The cuts given to him from these enemies seem to have slowed him down……. He’s poisoned! The imposter then soars high into the air and prepares to send a nosedive attack directly at the reeling, semi-unconscious Commissioner Aiden……

(20:39:59) Inside the Auction House!

Amar, Hadad, and the Little Girl run down the halls of the auction house on the second level, kicked down the doors that led to the executive seating, leaped unto the balcony banisters, hopping, skipping, and jumping across them!

(The Koroshimasu General yells out while airborne and says) “I dealt with him already; he should be paralyzed!

(Agent Hadad yells out) “Guess that bounty on his head wasn’t for nothing!”

(Agent Amar adds) “No matter, Permission to beat his ass with you, ma’am!

(The Koroshimasu General responds)” AYE SIRS!”

The two Brothers jumped ahead of the Little Girl and leaped from the banisters and soared through the air!

(Amar and Hadad holler together) “Certamina… Corpus… Arte’…: TELUM COMBINATION ARC BLAST!!!”

They send a mighty hammer and chakram blow to the wall of the Auction house, shattering the concrete bricks and glass windows. The little Girl leaps up, joins them midair, and emerges outside from the dust and clouds of debris right when the imposter is amid commencing a death blow to the Commissioner!

(The Koroshimasu General ferociously screams out) “Certimina Corpus Arte’- Chorus Calae DIMICIO BASH!!!

The little girl ends up right behind the imposter as he was torpedoing straight to the Commissioner. She changes directions mid-air and sends a devastating punch to the back of his head, scrambling his cerebellum. The force knocked him out of his attack, Captain Xiomara quickly moved Commissioner Aiden out of the way; the imposter smacked the ground right after and exploded; blood, guts, and feathers were everywhere!

Agent Khaliq reacts to the scene," Gott damn!"

Agent Hadad adds," That's disgusting."

"Why the fuck did he turn into feathers?" asked Amar.

" I have no idea; this has to be someone from the Talon gang or something.”, said Hadad.

" They can do that?” asked Amar in a high pitched voice.

“But why go through all of this just for one man that they have rescued already, something isn’t adding up,” he thought.

Only part of the Koroshimasu team is here. The General and two of her brethren, Agent Amar and Agent Hadad, look at the warzone in front of them…

“Ummmm, guys” “This is……. Mayhem!

“Looks like we are about to have a battle royale!”

“No… focus on getting the Fang out of town, even if it means teaming with the underworld of the Black District, we are already in Protocol Black!”

“YES, MA’AM!!!”

(20:45:19) The streets outside the Auction House!

The Fang troops are attacking everyone and everything in sight. All the Auction House Security guards are either dead or bleeding out. The auctioneer and his assistant have been impaled on the, now burning, Tenomachi flagpole. Buildings are exploding up and down the avenues. Multiple criminal factions have been attacked and are now fighting back. Different mafias, mobs, and cartels have joined forces to quell the overwhelming force of the Fang! Many Red Light District courtesans, citizens, and bystanders have fallen victim to the crossfire and chaos as well, but no medic wagons are in sight!

(Niño Jefe Villalobos of the Niño’s Cartel forwards the attack and gives orders to his teams)

“Rojo assist and provide medical aid for the injured. Azul assists the Sentinel Force on the south side of town. Verde’ grab “El’ Turro” and bulldoze the Fang blockade that is stopping the trauma units from entering the city. The rest of you come with me and join the Special Agents in taking out the main enemies right here!”

(20:45:25) Inside Auction House Backstage..

Hakim Khaliq confronts the Druid Priest.

“Hey, stop right their Sir! Tell us what the hell is going on! Why are you here?” he asked.

The Druid Priest answered sarcastically, “You want to know what’s going on or do you want to know why I am here, which one is it!?

“Both, why are you playing games, are we not like family, don’t we deserve to know?”, yelled Khaliq.

“Like family? Huh… I lost my family!” the Druid Priest responded.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t meddle in areas you don’t understand, boy!

“Sir Torin Conall, Druid Priest of the Sancti Lilium, and Messenger of the Brotherhood of the Chrono-Seers! I understand more than you know!”

“Just because you know my background doesn’t mean you know anything about me, NOW MOVE OUTTA MY WAY SO I CAN FINISH WHAT I HAVE CAME HERE FOR!!!

The Old Man emerges out from the corner of the room.

“Hakim Khaliq fall back. Thank you for your inquisitive mind. I will take over from here.”

“Aye, Yes, sir!”

“Torin, my friend, what exactly is your purpose here?

“You as well?” “Guess it can’t be helped… (Torin sighs) I gave you the scroll, you should know that these events have revelations and multiple outcomes, depending on what factor affects the other.”

“I understand that. Why didn’t you tell me you would be here?

I am here to retrieve what was stolen from me and to also stop a catastrophe that can be worse than the event of the void!

I understand your position, but you don’t have to be so secretive… especially to me!

“I wasn’t trying to, I was going to tell you, but everything kept happening one after another!”

What do you mean?

“I received word from an ally that multiple governments joined forces and have created a United Alliance.”

Seriously? Why?

I don’t know. I do know the first order of business was to quell any sort of uprising or threat before it started. The joint governments secretly hired foreign mercenaries and dispatched them to known members of the Sancti Lilium, and certain factions around the Western Plains and the Eastern Plateau. They found my lair, I wasn’t there, of course, but they stole my families last relic, The Statue of Wyvern.

“… and these bastards put it up for auction!”

You know that years ago when I received the Eclipse scroll, it spelled out doom for my people. I warned the elders of the upcoming threat, and they immediately took precautions. They sent our nation to another place. That statue is the only anchor back to this world. Ever since then, my family in Valle Mortis shunned me and forbade the work that I do for the Chrono-seers. They believe that we should not know the events of the time, nor should we try to prevent or alter the reality of them. We should let everything be as it is.
“… I see....” “That’s why I could not let this crooked ass government have this! I set up an entrapment in the road used by the military delivery regiment so I could retrieve it.”

“Why didn’t you take it then?”

“Because… after the delivery convoy was overturned and several items scattered around… one of the main objects that got out… was an ancient relic of the past…. it was praised and worshipped by the Forsaken and the People of the Fang… I only heard stories about it... But when I saw what it did to the soldier that touched it and those around him…. I immediately stopped my pursuit! I couldn’t risk it, especially not knowing what it just did. I also knew that the Fang would retaliate and seek revenge in kind… I believe this is part of what the scroll was speaking of!

“You gotta be kidding me, this has got to be the worse situation, ever!”

ONE WEEK AGO, in a deep cavern of the Black Wood, after the Sabbian Government raided the villages of the Forsaken and Strongholds of the Fang…

“They will pay for everything that they have done to our people…. all the governments of Cambalanche…. anybody of the underworld who assisted them... The Parliament and the Five Families. We need to retrieve all the artifacts that they stole from us. We must avenge our brothers and sisters that have been killed, humiliated, and enslaved!

“Will you avenge your fallen brethren?!

Yesss…. (Flutter…Flutter) …. we we, we have have have, been been been waiting for this! Thank you!

All Mighty Matriarch of The Fang and The Forsaken! Finally, we can run wild……., the crows shall accept…. the crows shall unite... THE CROW SHALL COMMIT…………….


Present Day – (21:00:00)

(Shadow Villa HQ radios all channels) “To all squads, it seems the main enemy is heading your way, we are getting a vast energy signature in your ………………………………. (radio silence)

(A massive shockwave and gusts of winds rocks all networks, knocking all communications offline)

(A colossal blast shatters the roof of the auction house auditorium)

The chief assassin of the Fang suddenly appeared on the battlefield. A dreadful appearance that seemed like something from a nightmarish vision of slumber. Massive gusts of winds jolt from his mighty wing-span with feathers that look like the deep abyss, as it reflected the stars and light of the moon. Its dark crimson eyes like molten lava stared at everyone in this theatre of war.

(He screams out a cringing, screeching caw and roars)

Thousands of bird-like creatures fly out from his back and emerge on the ground. All squads, Sentinels, and underground factions stand up and get into fighting position...


End of Chapter 3

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