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A letter to the friend who does not text/reply anymore.
To the friend who does not text/reply anymore.

Look, I do not want you to think that I am acting like some insane creature who gets mad when she is not replied to. I understand you have a life and way better things to do than reply to my "how are you" or ask the same. And to be honest, I do not even know why a thing as trivial as this bothers me but I do not know that I wait for your texts and not hearing from you actually makes me sad.

People tell me how much you have changed and how things are no more the same but can you not hold on even to our conversations?
Is it that bad? For you, I might be just another friend who turns into "Love" or "essential" only when you have to post that picture where you
look super cute but for me, you are a part of my littler family. And even if you do not bother replying to my texts anymore, know that I will reply to yours in a flash even after a thousand years because... guess who is stupid?

I am terribly heartbroken now for the stupidest reason in the world but trust me, a single message from you will calm my overdramatic mind. Is it a lot I am asking for? By the way, I am adding this to the list of times I texted first.

Waiting for the ticks to turn blue,
The one who misses you.
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