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A hurricane threatening the Texas Gulf Coast goes elsewhere.
It was the first sunny day in weeks. The hurricane threatening the Texas coast near Buccaneer Bay had finally moved northward, on into Houston and Galveston waters. It was due to hit the Port Isabel shoreline, Monday night, at around 3 A.M., give or take an hour. It's unpredictability had the forecasters guessing for days, as it sat offshore about three hundred miles, just churching and building up. The storm originated in the mid-Atlantic, in between the Azores and the Caribbean Islands. By the time she hit the Caribbean, she was a full blown Cat 5 Hurricane. It ran ram shod over them, in a direct westerly route straight for Buccaneer Bay. Her name was Deborah....Hurricane Deborah, and she wasn't taking no prisoners. The news said around 150 or so, they didn't have an actual estimate as of yet, had died when Deborah ran right over the top of the Dominican Republic and Haiti, just like a Mack truck running over a sheet of paper. Her wrath and fury caused the worst storms anyone had ever seen since hurricanes started getting names.Then, without reason, Hurricane Deborah stalled out, just three hundred miles offshore.
She sat there for almost a month, as if watching and waiting for just the correct moment to continue plowing on. The outer band winds and rains battered the south Texas shore daily. A living, breathing entity, it seemed. Forecasters said she was stalking the coastline, figuring out it's weak point, where to strike, like a cobra, sizing up her victim. Everyday people were saying that they had never before seen nor heard of a hurricane acting like this, that this must be God's work, and that the end times were nigh upon us.
Fortunately for those on the South Texas coast, a high came down from Denver, Colorado, and the counterclockwise motion caused Deborah to be sucked up to the north. People in the Buccaneer Bay area were relieved, but no so much the people on the upper Texas Gulf coast. Now they had to deal with this monster. Deborah went ahead, and went onshore, just around the time all the weather forecasters said she would, and over five hundred million dollars of damage was left in her wake.
but down in South Texas, the people who just a day ago were being threatened by a Cat 5 hurricane, breathed a heavy sigh of relief, because now, it was the first sunny day in weeks.

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