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I was thinking how lonesome the trees must get during the wintertime.
Tell me, what is this all about? The leaves are falling off the trees. Looking cold and barren, when the limbs are reaching out, the branches are breaking off. There's no one here to give a cheer, winter is here, no wonder the lonesome trees of winter feel lonely.

The day made me quiver, as I began to shiver. Feeling pretty cold, I began to feel old. If they could talk, the lonesome trees of winter would say, there's no debate about it, we certainly can relate. The lonesome trees of winter feel like a louse when the wind picks up, causing them to bend and sway until they fall upon a house.

Covering them with an icy cold blanket, the snow is falling on the trees, making the lonesome trees of winter look gorgeous; it's so awesome to admire, that the truth is very misleading. It's not an easy thing to do, since they just have to stand up and take it.

Hanging onto the trees like glue, it's sad when a painted picture of something beautiful is tainted by icicles. With a madness that's stark, it's a lonely old place when you're out in the dark, when your bark is frozen. Hark! The sounds of the night are giving out a creepy eerie feeling; the owls are hooting, and the coyotes are howling; the lonesome trees of winter are aching, just trying to survive.

Bringing back some restoration, or lifeblood to the lonesome trees of winter, the reason is absolutely clear, as the daytime begins to appear. The springtime brings forth the greenery of the trees, along with the cherry blossoms. In the beauty that surrounds us, they get back their livelihood.

Give the lonesome trees of winter a hug; they need our hugs to do what they do best; they bring us their love in the fruit they provide.

Written By Anna Marie Carlson
Thursday, November 21, 2019
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