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by Ernie
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A Mime's Poem: The Poem You Will Never Hear...
I’ve played this game dozens of times.
Perhaps I’ll play it a hundred more.
Once again, I’ll play the mime
As next to you, my heart begins to soar.
My mouth, open, yet no sound comes out
The cat preys on my tongue
While I pray, hoping to shout
But my words, the silence has sung.

I sit there captivated, by your talk
Your gestures, your smile, your opinions
My courage fails, wanting to ask yet I only balk.
So I look, as my words are sucked into oblivion.

I smile, an idiotic smile, without anything to say
My time becomes clock work as it speeds past
My time with you soon becomes a memory, the past,
As you have gotten up and left me in dismay.
Just a lonely mime, stretching my hand where you had gone
Pulling the imaginary rope to bring time and you back...

As your friend, I laugh, and fool around with you
Closer than what the past ever knew
But when it happened, it was completely new
My world turned upside down.
You, who seemed an arms length away
Now, you were an ocean away, where I couldn’t reach.

The more I cared, the more affection I had,
The farther you seemed, the more the waves roared
As I felt the burden of silence on me.

I shouted, yet the only thing that heard were the waves
I waved and but you couldn’t see me.
I could gamble it and attempt to ride
The boat, our friendship, so you could see
But what if it sinks or I lose my way?

Actions speak louder than words
But when I can not speak, do my actions actually speak?
Or do they just simply whisper, quietly squeak?

I wrote this down, as one of my actions,
But you don’t hear it, not even a bit.
A mime, makes no noise, but perhaps their clothes rustle
If I speak and you can not hear, did I make a noise?
If I act and you can’t see, did my actions speak louder?
So I’ll play this game once again, I’ll sit
And mouth this poem, I’ll act it out,
This mime’s poem for you to hear.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206110