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This story embraces pure human emotions, sad heartbreaks and tear jerking truths.
Chapter One

How It All Started

Let me take you through a tale yet to be spoken from a shattered heart.Have you ever seen how children are when they are young?Soft,tender, full of innocence and life. The sheer joy they envisage and spread to everyone around is something which makes us feel at home.

H O M E....
What is a home?
A place full of flurries and warm welcomes for some.
A place they wish would stay with them forever.
What makes a home is the people in it. The loving and caring family to many.
Someone once said home is where the heart is.
But what if that's becomes the sole reason for destruction of one's heart?

A little bundle of joy named Azure was born into a small country in Asia. She was a sweet child born into a mediocre family. She wasn't the typical prettiest girl in the planet you'd expect a lead in the story to be. No she was far from pretty, she didn't think herself as pretty but what she knew that she was pretty from the inside. She was a fair child with round chubby cheeks and sparkly eyes which held a dream in them. As a toddler she never thought that one day she will face the burdens of the world and bury them in her heart.

Let me take you through the point of time her life began.
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