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It is an incomplete draft so kindly guide me.
She has a name. A name that She used to love.
She has a name. A name that no longer feels right.
Her name means Pure. She doesn't feel Pure.
She feels filthy and tainted. She has scars to prove it.
Her name is a Variation. She doesn't feel like a Variation.
She feels invisible. She has moments to prove it.
Her name came from her grandmother, She's the spitting image of her. She doesn't feel like her.
She feels weak and the complete opposite of her amazing grandmother. She has the fear to prove it.
Her name is Common. She doesn't feel Common.
She feels out of place. She has the loneliness to prove it.
She has Named. A name She used to love.
She doesn't feel like her name. She feels lost.
She isn't Pure, She isn't a Variation, She isn't Common. She isn't her Strong and Independent grandmother.
She isn't her name.
So what is She? It's simple.
Right now She is She.
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