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Chewy is a Pitbull that was abandoned in a town that labels Pitbulls as dangerous.
My belly hurt and I felt very weak as we pulled into the parking lot. The car came to a stop as the man called to me " come here puppy". I looked up from the floorboard where I lay weak. I tried to listen but my belly hurt so bad and it was too hard to stand. He reach down a grabbed me then open the car door to get out. He stood outside the car holding me before walking a few steps where he set me on the ground. He turned and started walking back to the car. A blonde man spoke " What are you doing"? The man turns to the blonde man an said " There is something wrong with it" saying no more he got back into the car and drove away.

The blonde man comes over to me " Hey there little fella" he says as he sets down next to me. He started rubbing my head " It will be alright" he tells me. He picks my up puts me in his lap counting to rub my head. I cry my belly still hurts an lay my head down closing my eyes. Something nudges me opening my eyes I see Zoey she starts to growl the blonde man tells her easy it's a baby. She isnt happy but walks away to the other side of the blonde man to lay down. Good girl Zoey he says. He grabs a bag from behind him an pulls out a blue bag and a plastic pack that smells really good. He gives Zoey some of the stuff in the blue bag. Opening the plastic pack he pulls out a round piece of meat. It smells really good as he puts it to my nose sniffing frantically I grab the meat "ouch" the blonde man shout. He stand up come Zoey it's time to find a place to sleep tonight. He walks into a group of trees grabs another bag from a bunch of weeds, walking further into the trees to a inclosed spot. He opens the second bag pulled out a blanket and spread it on the ground where we lay down. Zoey starts to growl and bit me." Enough" the blonde man tells Zoey lay down know. He places me at his back pulls the blanket around us all. There we fall asleep.

We awake to the bright morning light. The blonde man rolls the blanket up pushes it back into the bag and places it in the weeds were he got it from the night before. We walk back to the parking lot where the blonde man and I met the day before. There he ask Boss will you watch the for a moment an leave Zoey and me there while he goes into a building. When he comes back he thanks Boss then take Zoey and me to set under a tree. He gives Zoey some of the stuff from the bag then places me in his lap. He opens a package and pulls out the content. It doesn't smell like the meat from the day before. I Am told to hold still an this may hurt a little. I felt a stick in my scruff and wipper just a bit. He turns me over to look at my under side then says good girl and rubs my belly. After a minute he opens a pack of the meat from like the day before pulling out the meat saying easy as he puts it to my nose. I eat it quickly. My belly no longer hurts.

Bacon, Bacon says a small voice. I look up to see a small girl with big brown eyes. The blonde man says to the little girl " Lexie. How are you? Bacon must be the blonde mans name I think. Lexie lets out a squeal that startles me. Aww where did you get it? She says. Mommy look what Bacon has isn't it cute. Hi Marie Bacon say to the lady Lexie called mommy. Marie looks at me and smiles. Where did you get it? Bacon tells her I Am a girl and a man dumped me in the parking lot saying there was something wrong with me. I cant keep her he says. Zoey doesn't care for her. Lexie says" Mommy can we have her please. I look up at Marie with big sunken eyes. Bacon says " you can have her if you want her at least I know she will be took care of". Marie tells us yes we will take her. Bacon says" He has gave me my first shots and feed me some bologna but can figure out what is wrong with me.

I seen Bacon one time after that he said" I looking good and healthy". Mommy told him the only thing wrong with me is that I was being starved to death. It turns out I needed Lexie and Mommy just as much as they need me. It's been 7 years since the day the man left me in the parking lot. Lexie and Mommy took me home the next day to my forever family.
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