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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2206262
The myth of the monsters
News Reel

As Ethan and I sat watching the nightly news, I felt the need to ask a random question. It seemed important at this point in our friendship to understand each other. To know what made each other tick, as they call it, could further the bond or sever it. Deep dark secrets could easily hinder the progression of trust in a relationship.

"Do you believe in monsters?" I asked.

"Only of the human variety!"

"I knew it! You so get me! Monsters do exist!"

"Yeah, they just described a few in the opening stories. Kidnap a kid? Make sure to torture before killing them. After raping someone, be sure to slice and dice the victim when done. Monsters are definitely real!"

I nodded somberly. His statement was thought provoking and I felt closer to him than I had before.

"Monsters are everywhere," I mumbled. It was my voice, roused from the center of his freshly inflicted despair. It was nice to share a common ground, the realization that monsters aren't all crafted from intangible realms of the underworld. True evil comes packaged with ecru-shaded ribbons of flesh and pale shards of bone.

"Kind of spooky to think of people being capable of hurting each like they do."

"Yes, but if you expect the worst than you can't be disappointed."

"Wow, that's a cynical view of life. How about hoping for better and achieving more? Dispose of the monsters and make room for creatures of beauty."

"Disposing of the monsters? How do you suggest we do that? Our strength is found by battling the monsters. Do we forsake the infinite argument of good versus evil? If we have nothing to fight against our stance in the name of cause is weakened," I said

"Whoa, no need to get huffy."

"Not huffy, just making a point!"

We both became silent and I began to pout. The momentary quiet propelled me to my inner dialogue. I began to question the man's stability. Could he truly believe that ridding the world of monsters was possible? Monsters existed and hid around every corner.. The key was to be prepared. By becoming a monster, the better equipped to fend off other monsters one became.

He became drowsy, as he sipped from the cup of poison I had poured. In his trance, he was unaware of my presence.

Without him knowing, I slipped the noose around his neck. He began to fight as I cinched it tighter. Intriguing, was the purple shade of his face, in his attempt to breath. Quickly, I looped the zip-ties around his hands and feet, tossing him onto his belly. With another pull at the rope, his back arched towards his feet. The purple darkened to the shade of a beet. I rocked him back and forth to tighten the noose. Droplets of red, playing at the corners of his mouth, adorned the purple. And all at once the painting of the colors ended.

"See I told you. They do exist!"

Word count 499

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