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Young Maria Garand, the nuclear terrorism approaching her.Marie's struggle and affection.

The Angels of Impulses -1- .Be Merciless

Chapter #1 The beginning

Dreams are not always as true as reality.

However, if you take a step, you will gain experience without realizing it.

Its aftertaste is sweet and sad.

My son, do not lose sight of these—

keep sound wisdom and discretion,

and they will be life for your soul

and adornment for your neck.

{Proverbs chapter 3 verse 20}

According to repeated Statements by U.S.NATIONAL SECURITY AGENCY.

"Nothing of Are About to See...Ever Happened."

Part 1-1 Quick Attack

Suburbs of Bologoe Russia, West 23:15 Nov.15th 2017

   Keep going through the darkness of jet black.

   It's not scared of the sea of clouds in a raging grey herd like an angry roar, after running all at once, a line of small lights that swayed and swayed in the snowstorm gradually became larger in the darkness like a ghost.

   It crawls over the surface of the ground, and it has been lined up in the dark ground and has been seen as a group of more than a dozen cars.

   The person after the first car shortened the gap between the cars so as not to lose sight of the companion who ran ahead in the dark.

   In the reality illuminated by the headlights,the Loading platform hood of the truck floats like ghosts,they looked torn in the snowstorm.

“This is not the work of military job.”

   A young man wearing army field uniforms leaned on a large handle and clasped it.

   Between the wiper that moves violently, even if you check the hood of the truck running in front and fine-tune the handle, on snowy country roads, military trucks don't run straight.

   “That's right! Because politicians are selfish,the soldiers are watered down, as a result, we're going to have to stay up all night at the transporter, and we're like idiots.”

   He was talking to his subordinates while he looked sleepy.

   “What does the Polkovnik think? Is there any dissatisfaction?”

   The Yefreitor(:PFC) man who was driving asked the Mladshij serzhant(:CPL).

   “There's no way he's satisfied, But unexpectedly, isn't he already decided to be the party headquarters? It will be difficult to rise to the upper rank at that age.He won't want to lose his position by talking too much.”

   Such a story could not be done in the barracks.If any of the party officers hear, we will be sent to remote areas rather than being demoted. But we were the only ones in the cab, there were only dangerous things on the back platform that people could not get close to.

   “If this kind of thing is carried at once by the helicopter of the Air Force, no one will stay up all night and carry a long distance.”

   The roar of the truck blocked the man's voice, a mass of snow resisted the wiper and stuck to the windshield.

   “The military would not have been able to prepare an M-24 to escort the M-26.Most of them seem to go out to the Baltic States.”

   “Didn't they withdraw...how long will the upper management be involved in the Baltic States? ...Damn it, I want to go on a rampage over there, too!”
   The Yefreitor(:PFC) man spoke loudly and tapped the steering wheel lightly.

   After all, his thoughts were about that, s if that was the trigger, the loading platform of the previous truck suddenly approached.The Yefreitor(:PFC) man made his eyes bigger and treaded on the brakes in a hurry.

   The cab swayed violently and looked like the tail lamp of the preceding car hit in front of the hood.

   “You son of a...”

   The serzhant(:CPL) of the passenger seat leaned forward to see something in the light at the end of the glass with his hand on the dashboard.He put his hand on the AKM automatic rifle that was standing at his feet feeling some kind of danger.

   That was the time.

   Suddenly, a small hole was born in the windshield.

   The Yefreitor(:PFC) soldier in the driver's seat couldn't understand what the hole was, so he turned his face to the chief.

   He saw the man in the passenger seat, whom he had been talking about, look up to his seat and see blood overflow from the black hole in his forehead.

   Immediately after, another hole opened in the windshield, and the man in the driver's seat was shocked sideways and hit the backrest and collapsed on the chief's knee.

   The sound of high-pitched air from the two wind holes filled the cabin and there was no one to move.About ten seconds later, the driver's seat door suddenly opened and a snowstorm engulfed.

   A man stood on the back of the turbulent snow.

   The man was wearing a snow camouflage combat uniform, wearing a white eye cap and wearing night vision goggles across both eyes.

   The opposite hand that opened the door was holding a ČZ 2000-LADA-carbine with a suppressor, and its muzzle was carefully pointed into the cab.

   After a short time, the man put one foot on the step, leaned into the car and confirmed the two dead bodies, He pressed the throat microphone with his left hand and reported it in Russian.

   “Command 6, controlled the track.”

   Snow camouflage soldiers put carbines on the dashboard and dragged the driver's body out of the car with one arm, and he got into cab, closed the door in the driver's seat and turned off headlights.

   Still, the red tail lamp of the previous truck projected a halation whiter than snow on the man's eyepiece.

Part 1-2 The beginning is small

Wall St. N.Y.C.(/New York City) NY., U.S. 15:00 Nov.22th

   Wall Street in New York was also covered with snow that lasted for several days, and there were few people on the sidewalk.

   A major securities company, Kindery Securities, is no exception, and the lobby in the store is quiet, and receptionist Maria Garland bitten and killed her third yawn.

   Still, she chased the shadow of the people behind the bronze glass, she was preparing for a sudden visitor.

   There is nothing good if you have a lot of free time.I felt that the thorns that had pierced my heart in the past turned into pus and revived without making a sound.

   I don't know if I have the strength to do over again...

   So mutter so that no one can hear anyone other than yourself, when I feel the commandments of the past again, She was worried that this job she had chosen was not right.

   She felt the commandments of the past again, and became unsure whether this job she had chosen really suited her, Mary thought that it was not a mistake to have chosen life at that time.

   Still, it becomes irritated to smoldering, and it becomes scary again.

   Mary lowered her gaze, I thought that the reason I thought about all this was because I woke up late at night because I couldn't stand the dream I had.

   I screamed again last night and woke up in the middle of the night. It was a time when I was wondering if I should go to a psychiatrist for counseling for the first time in a long time.

   A woman wearing an off-white Givenchy coat, a wide-brimmed hat of the same color, and Chanel sunglasses on her face gracefully opened the door.

   - The angel who hid his wings - At first glance, Mary smiled as she stretched her back and hurriedly combed her shoulder-length platinum blonde hair to avoid missing this guest.

   But soon she was worried about the premonition that one of the five other receptionists would take this messenger from heaven.

   When the elegant customer turned face and stopped her eyes at Mary, she walked gracefully and approached.

   Mary instinctively clasped her fist under the counter and whispered, "Gotcha !".

   "Are you Maria Garland ?"

   Mary was surprised that the customer knew the name. she was relieved to notice that the nameplate was placed on the counter.

   "Welcome to Kindary Securities. What kind of investment do you want ?"

   Mary thought the angel was definitely a big investor, so she wanted to fulfill customer's request as much as possible.

   "I am thinking of a complex and valuable investment. Mary, I want you to come. Are you sure ?"

   Mary felt that it was a beautiful singing style as if the angel was conscious of cantabile.

   "We will be happy to accept it. I will get permission from my boss soon. Excuse me, could you tell me your name ?"

   At Mary's offer, the angel guest took out a business card holder from Vuitton's purse with a graceful finger movement and put it on the counter in front of Mary.

   The moment Mary saw it, she thought it was a small mirror and took it in her hand.

   But she was surprised to find that what she had in her hand was a platinum business card, not a mirror.

   It was embossed with the name, place of employment, and job title.

   - Flora Sandran -

   -N.D.C.      C.O.O. -

   Mary suddenly came up with the opponent in front of her and was about to drop her business card.

    The world's largest super-large conglomerate and its chief operating officer and president !

   Mary looked sideways at the angel's face, remembering the picture taken on some economic paper.

   There is no doubt in my memory !

   This is an exceptionally good deal.Mary asked Flora if she could wait for a while, hurried to her boss's desk, showed her business card, and swiftly asked for permission.

   The chief instructed Mary to meet the demands of ultra-high class guests.

   The chief suggested that a veteran analyst go with her, but Mary who thought this would be a stepping stone to promotion, refused and hurried back to the counter.

   Mary stood up smiling when she put enough materials and a Mac laptop in her attache case, put her butt on the lid on the chair, and locked it. Then I sprinted around the counter and stood beside the N.D.C. president.

   "Thank you for waiting Ms.Sandran."

   Flora nodded and stood up and walked with Mary to the front door. Mary felt like hearing what her colleagues in the back were whispering.

   Yes, I'm going to lead you. Mary walked cheerfully and thought you guys should take a closer look at me.

   When they went out on the sidewalk, a black-painted limousine ran up and stopped on the shoulder.

   Mary wondered why the limousine wasn't waiting in front of the front door, and a strong man came down from the passenger seat and opened the rear-door.

   Mary was convinced by seeing the man.

   It's no wonder that bodyguards work like butlers when it comes to companies as big as NDC.Mary also thought that the limousine didn't wait for parking in front of the building to prevent it from attacking.

   Mary was convinced that when she became a person like Flora Sandran, she had to be careful about security.

   When Marie boarded after Sandran, the door closed quietly.

   She sat down on a soft, enveloping seat and the car started running unknowingly.

   The limousine ride was her first experience. She doesn't feel it moving because it's surprisingly smooth.

   Mary thought. Even if you pay all your income for the next decade, you won't be able to buy this lavish limousine.

   Is the life of a COO who needs a bodyguard happy even if her lives such a good life? Or is my life of a cheap salary who can get on the subway without any worries happy ?

   It was awkward to shut up, and Mary called out to Sandran.

   "Ms. Sandran, is this investment from your company? Is it private ?"

   She smiled back at Marie's question.

   "Most of this investment is chairman. He suggested this. So I decided to bet a little bit. May I call you Mary ? We're going to invest in you."

   Mary thought she was saying that she would leave it to the investee.

   "Would you like to make the investment principal a safe fund? Or it would be high risky..."

   "It may be a high risk, but We will invest in you. Maria."

   Marie couldn't measure that intention. At the same time, she didn't imagine the true meaning of it as much as the tip of her little finger.

Part 1-3 Witness

SatCon C.I.A. H.Q.(/Headquarters) McLean, Va. 15:20 Nov.15th

   The room is illuminated by a huge LCD monitor that is more than two hundred inches long on the wall.

   The pale, cold light of the LED backlight made the faces of men and women who operate silently toward the console stand out like ghosts.

   "Chief, the situation is strange. There is no reason for the line of cars to stop in a place without such a building."

   A young woman in a blouse was staring at the scene projected on a large LCD screen, with keyboard operations interrupted.

   She was well aware that the person she spoke to was standing behind her.

   However, the fact that the boss didn't say anything was more worrisome than the content of the video.

   The sight she and her boss were looking at was a bird's-eye view from a distance.

   If migratory birds fly at night, might have seen a similar sight.

   The screen was unclear and clearly visible was a row of lights extending diagonally from above to diagonally below on the opposite side, spreading out and illuminating part of a square object in a dozen rows.

   Only the first light seemed to illuminate nothing, but a line about twice as wide as the width of the light, which stretched like a slightly raised railroad track, stretched out in the dark.

   "What are they doing ? Did they have an accident ?"

   The woman, who thought it was asked for her opinion, gave her opinion to her boss, though she was confused.

   "I don't know. It doesn't think it's a break. They haven't run half an hour since they've been out of town."

   However, those of the lights lined up on the LCD screen did not seem to start moving at all.

   "How many minutes will the camera frame out ?"

   "KH-13 (/ Key Hole: a popular name for a US military reconnaissance satellite) will leave the sky in three minutes and twenty seconds."

   How many minutes after we lose sight of them will the next surveillance satellite come to the sky?

   Asked by her boss, her subordinate's woman looked down at the small LCD monitor on her console and quickly read the ever-changing numbers on the projected satellite list.

   "KH-17 is eighteen minutes after KH-13 has left."

   The woman was slightly relieved while reporting.

   The KH-17 is the latest low-Earth orbit reconnaissance satellite that has just been launched into orbit this year, and its long-range camera is high-definition and has a resolution 60 times higher than before.

   The latest model was readable in the epaulettes of military uniforms during the day and under bright sunny weather.

   However, detailed infrared images such as Sentinel (/ RQ-170 ISR UAV: ​​Information / Surveillance / Reconnaissance Stealth Drone) cannot be obtained due to the thick atmospheric layer.

   It was out of the question that no matter how stealth unmanned aerial vehicles were, they would invade Russian territory.

   It is not possible to even get an overview from satellites at night when we are just peeking in, and the surveillance that weaves between snow clouds.

   "It doesn't matter if the image quality is rough. Enlarge and sensitize before the sea of ​​clouds runs away."

   A subordinate woman began to expand the convoy according to the instructions, and the pixels began to interfere with each other. The group of lights disappeared all at once, the afterglow shook, and many ghosts flowed out.

   It was the dim red light of the brake lamp that was stepped on and shined to cut it off.

   Something black and unclear was reflected for a moment beside the illuminated vehicle.

   "Stop the image. Reverse playback with 1/8 slow."

   The light of the slowly flowing brake lamp goes up on the contrary. What emerged in the light was the shadow of a fallen person.

   Unable to deny what he saw, he couldn't help but wonder if there were others of the same.

   "Raise the frame slightly."

   Immediately after the section chief ordered it, another shadow emerged as if chasing a slight line of light.It was definitely human's that lay in a clearly different way than the previous one.

   The chief knew that this was not just an act of abandoning the victim in a car accident. Besides, the intention to turn off the headlights and escape the surveillance from the sky was hidden.

   "Shit ! That's why I don't like the surveillance ordered by the Security of State (: State Department).Unlucky tonight..."

   The button on the phone he picked up while cursing was connected to the COM (/Collection Management Officers) of the same officer with whom he had an old relationship, not the director of the foreign affairs monitoring department of his boss. He intended to consult with I.A.S.O.W.A.R. (/Intelligence and Analysis Service Officer for West Asia and Russia).

   In the past, the lady-in-waiting was a brilliant woman who had driven more than a dozen managers into a sinecure and climbed to the position of general manager.

   There was no doubt that her would advise the best follow-up measures.

   As soon as the line was connected, I heard a clear and calm voice.

   "This is Pamera Landy."

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