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A cleaning woman and a doctor travel through time.
Once Clara Clifford fell through time;
it was the Red Roof’s steps she climbed.
They intersected wormhole space;
stunned Clifford left without a trace.

Time travel was what she now knew;
past dying stars Ms. Clifford flew.
Poor cleaning woman on time’s ride;
wormhole much bigger on the inside.

The Doctor joined her on her trip;
(the wormhole was a roomy ship.)
A nice companion with white hair;
she’d try to clean—he’d turn and stare.

Seems doctor was at Red Roof Inn;
while in his room, he felt it spin.
A small screwdriver ‘neath the roof
in case a little screw came loose.

Thus white-haired doc with tool in hand,
(Ms. Clifford with no place to stand,)
rode merrily in time vortex
each wondering what year was next.

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—Time travel
—bigger on the inside
—The Doctor
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