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by Norman
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Her flock had left her in the cold
As I was walking in the park
I met a goose along the way.
I said, “How do you do?” to her.
She smiled and said, ”Good day.”

It was a chilly day outside,
a very cold day for a walk.
I was surprised to meet the goose,
and shocked to hear her talk

She was alone all by herself;
no other geese were standing by.
I didn’t see them in the pond
nor hear them in the sky.

I said, “When are you flying south?”
“Oh, I don’t do that any more.”
“But don’t you find it cold up here?”
“I do, but I get sore.

“You see I’m getting up in age;
you know that trip can be so long.
I’m not the youngster that I was;
I feel no longer strong.

“I thought that I would hang out here,
find shelter from a winter storm.
If I can hide out of the wind
I hope I will stay warm.”

And here she was all by herself.
Her flock had left her in the cold.
I guess that’s what they have to do
when fliers get too old.

So I said, “You’ll come home with me.
Just think of me as your new friend.”
That's how we got our Christmas goose;
...she won’t fly south again.

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