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remembering that unforgettable night
         It’s 11:01 am, November 12, 2023. She looked at her cellphone’s date and time, that’s all she need to know. She pushed the button that made the screen black then put the cellphone back to her small sling bag. She just came from a coffee shop. She started walking and noticed that there’s a lot of people on the beach even at this heat.

         The sand looks so white with the sun shining its light on it. She looked at the pristine blue water. She’s seen lots of white beaches, but this is still the most beautiful in her opinion. Her feet took her to the groto, she went up the stone stair and touched the statue of Mama Mary. She thanked her for never tiring of praying for her. She spent around 10 minutes there. No one’s around so she took her time and then went down. She got to be at station 2 before 3pm, so she should start walking now.

         She’s in Boracay Station 1 pathway and her thoughts brought her to the memories of that night. That night she saw her favorite vocalist play live. She just wants to collect her thoughts so she can write these things on her memoir. She wants to write only for herself. It’s not for sharing to the world. As what the lady in titanic said, “A woman’s heart is a deep ocean of secrets.”

This was the place, station 1, the date was April 20, 2020.

“I told you, I'm quitting my job after I get back from Boracay.” Indistinct sound from her cellphone, only she can hear what the person on the other line was saying. “I have to go, bye”. She hung up and breathe deeply. She needs air. Good thing she’s already outside and just a few seconds walk to the beach.

         She sat on the sand facing the sea, where there’s enough light on her, but not on where she was looking at. It was dark ,but her eyes adjusted and there’s a little light, so it’s not pitch black. The wind blowing her hair and she loved the feeling of wind on her face and her hair flowing. She love that feeling, it always make her feel relaxed, like everything’s gonna be okay. The sound of a person speaking on the mic can be heard weakly. She’s far enough away to hear the sound but cannot make up what that person was saying at all.

         She liked this, just her, alone with the sea, the wind, the sky, the sand. “I think it’s not going to rain at all so that’s good.” She was startled at hearing the sound of a male voice. One she’s really familiar with. She looked at him and saw the most beautiful person she never thought she would ever have the chance of talking to in person at all. She crossed her arm and pinched her left arm with her right hand in a simple way that he wouldn't notice she’s doing it. Yes, she’s awake and yes it is him, the vocalist of My Chemical Romance, Gerard Way.

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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2206312