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by eznn
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We fight our demons in our own ways.
It’s not easy choosing to end life like that.
People think it’s easy for someone to choose death over living.
In actual fact,
choosing life or death equates to having to choose your hands or your feet.
Choosing death does not mean cowardice.
Choosing death actually means to throw away all the possibilities of having life taking a better turn.
All those who have or had that never dying demons are already warriors.
They fought- we fought.
Some fought till they could not anymore,
and some choose to continue fighting-
every, single, damn, day.
And no matter the outcome,
they did fought for it.
Do not judge the ones who had chosen to leave.
For life is just it is.
And everyone has their own demons.
It takes so much strength to stay,
And it takes so much courage to leave.
None is better than the other.
We all fight our demons in our own ways.
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