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Unrequited love
A subtle hue dusts her eyes.

Her heart does disguise.

What's hidden deep inside

That only love confides.

For etched between its beats

Lives a King upon his seat

His armour made of steel.

Holds a champions seal

She is living by his sword.

Their unbroken cord

Every footprint in the sand

Marks a step to 'No Mans Land'.

Yet, she'll never walk alone.

Whilst he sits upon his throne

For his crown is bold.

And their tale is still untold.

And their love is wild and wise.

To acute to humanize

Perfect sunlight rays we shine

From a heart that's yours and mine

When our words become unjust

The bond in us we trust

When the lovebirds chirp their song

From a meadow, where we belong

Far and wide, where we can be

Beside the ocean swimming free

No longer incomplete

One heart,

Yet, bittersweet.

And lives the King between each beat.

Her heaving bosom reigns defeat

Within his rule, below his sword.

From the hill to loch, to every fjord

Her lips they purse and kiss the breeze.

To thaw the ice that's hard to please.

And poison arrows meet her bow.

To take upon his every foe.

Through the wind, the whisperers

Speak of all her massacres

To honour unto what she holds dear.

And rid her King of every fear.

And whilst his lofty lionheart.

Can maim, can conquer and take apart.

With bare hands, he could shed the skin.

Of every man that 'might have been'.

And so he's etched between her beats.

And sits upon his kingly seat.

And there she keeps their love confined.

The golden cord that fate entwined.

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