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Some some simple advice to help keep you out of hot water.
         If you stay here long enough, sooner or later you will find yourself face to face with a negative comment from someone else. Now how you respond to it can make all the difference in the world. It takes all kinds of people to make the world go around, and eventually you'll meet up with a person that you'll never meet eye to eye with. This person may not understand what you were trying to say. This person may be having a bad day. This person may not have enough education to understand what your message meant. What ever the reason may be for this person's negative response, you may not be able to reason with them. So don't bother wasting your time, and what ever you do don't fire another negative comment back at that person. Don't let yourself get tricked into an argument.

         Now it's okay to disagree or even debate with that individual, but making personal attacks, using profanity, and bickering will be dealt with here on this site. Remember there are rules here to help keep order, which are enforced when they are broken. Since I've been here I've seen a number of writers banned for getting too passionate about a topic, and saying the wrong thing. It didn't make any difference how many stories they had, how long they have been here. When these people crossed the line, they were shown the door. There's a fine line between having a disagreement with someone, and an all out fight. You don't have to agree with somebody, but try to have respect for others here on the Internet. Don’t make personal threats, and by all means watch your language.
Options for dealing with negative comments -

1. The best thing to do is to simply ignore the comment, and move on. Just let it bounce off of you like rainwater bounces off of the oiled feathers of a duck.

2. You may want to attempt to reason with this person, and try to explain your point of view. However certain people can't be reasoned with, and you may just find yourself stressing out and that it was a total waste of your time.

3. If you have a particularly hot topic, you may want to consider not showing your reviews from fellow reviewers until you have personally reviewed them. It's your choice!

4. What ever you choose to do, just don't lose your cool and say the wrong thing that will get you in trouble later on. Remember once you post something on the Internet, it's out of your control. You can't go back and delete it. It just doesn't work that way.

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