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Lifes rollercoaster
My future is unknown and when I find myself waking to new days with blank canvases, prepared just for me to embrace whichever it will fill itself with, it writes a future as the hour's pass and the days continue and I find myself alone. Yet, there is a beauty within loneliness and a solitude too, littered with cold grey skies and a bitter breeze that I bear the cold with good constitution because the feeling of warmth amongst loving arms, has long left a memory of what tenderness is and the loneliness holds a beauty that surrounds me with gentle kisses upon my thoughts within the peace that is found without torment.

I come closest to the truth when my soul is reunited with the sea. It’s the incomparable feeling of freedom and weightlessness it gives when I open my soul to its bosom. Its courage instils within me, replenishing a fierceness that emanates to continue another day, to another page, that dictates what my past had been. It’s sense of wellbeing, as the sounds of its currants play upon my tired ears sings a melody new, so sweet, each time echoing around my heart, a withered heart, with a soul that weeps and holds tightly to its senses, to suffer the bracing shock of life's next measure of truths.
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