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by Glint
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Truth or dare with 5 girls! Turns into wedgie torture.
Once again your parents were out of town for the weekend, even though your 13 year old boy your parents insist on sending you to a friends house. As usual you go to Autumn's house sense she's your friend, but when you arrive you realise she was having a sleepover with 4 of her friends.

Autumn: She is your friend, a nice girl most of the time but she can get snappy, 13, long brown hair, about 5 foot 4, wearing Black leggings and a red crop-top.

Aleena: Aleena is a nice girl unless you make you mad, 14, medium length brown hair, 5 foot 6, wearing a black shirt and some black jeans.

Emma: Emma is pretty shy around people and doesnt take many risks, 13, short white and purple hair, shes 5 foot 5 1/2, wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Ana: Ana is quite nice and is outgoing, 13 Blond long hair, 5 foot 7, wearing a blue
T-shirt and some short shorts.

Nastadia: Nastadia is known for being crabby around new people such as you, 15, long dark hair, 5 foot 4, wearing a camo crop-top and some big jeans exposing her black panties.

You try to stay to yourself for a small portion of the night in the guest room. About after a hour past Autumn comes in and asks if your want to play Truth Or Dare with her and her friends. You were getting bored so you agreed. When you went out to the living room all the girls were sitting in a circle with a opening for you.

Ana started, she asked "Autumn, Truth or Dare?" Autumn chooses Dare, "I dare you to put a second pair of underwear over your leggings" Autumn agrees and goes into her room, a minute later she comes out with a red pair of underwear over her leggings and then sits back down.

Then it was your turn, you say "Nastadia, Truth or Dare?" She respond "Dare, A good one" with a smile on her face, You took a second to think, then you respond with "I dare you kiss everyone's cheek" she reluctantly agrees and starts, while she does it you see something that gives you a idea for next time.
The rest of the dares fazed by you until it was Autumn's turn she asked "Morgan (you) Truth or dare?" You respond with the standard "dare" "I dare you to take off your shirt" you look at her for a second before doing it revealing your 4-pack.
Ana went again asking Emma, she chose truth because she was shy.
It was your turn again, you asked Nastadia "Truth or Dare" once again she chose dare "i dare you to get a wedgie from everybody here and not pick it for the entire night" she agreed not wanting to look like a scaredy cat. She gets her first from Ana, then Aleena, and everyone until it was your turn, your quite strong and easily snap it over your forehead you tell Autumn to get duct-tape
She runs off and returns a few moments later, you tape her waistband to her head. Making it stay there, it was late so you decided to stop for the night.
During the night you wake everybody up but Nastadia and you make a plan to have a bit of fun, Autumn shows you a hook, its quite high, you and Ana sneak up on Nastadia somehow sleeping with her wedgie, you and Ana grabbed different legholes and lifted her into the air and towards the hook, she squirmed as you lifted her to the hook, then hanging her by her legholes. You move the duct-tape over her mouth to stop the screaming.
You and the rest of the girls go back to sleep leaving Nastadia hanging by her panties.
In the morning you all wake up and eat breakfast then go check up on Nastadia. Her Eyes were bright red, she clearly was crying for most of the night, Aleena strips her of the rest of her clothes, and putting duct-tape over her breasts. Everyone took pictures of her in the defeated state threatening to post the pictures if she didnt do what they said.
Just like that, overnight a innocent sleepover turned into blackmail. You got Nastadia down from the hook and allowed her to pick her gruesome wedgie. You grab a chair and pull it to the hooks, you tell her to stand on it facing the wall.
She gets up on the chair, you tell her to hook the front if her panties to the hook. She does this knowing whats about to happen, then Ana yanks the chair from under her feet. Nastadia drops quickly and then stops mid air, now she was hanging with her underwear intruding her private areas. Then the rest of you decided to play a innocent wedgie game, everyone had to take off their pants so their underwear were exposed. The winner would be able to tell everyone what to do until your parents got there,
Everyone went to diferent parts of the house, Nastadia yelled "GO" and everyone went on to try to wedgie eachother. Emma was the first to go down, Aleena and Autumn wrestled to wedgie eachother but Ana came in and took out Aleena, Ana and Autumn then wrestled for a good five minutes while you were watching before Ana exposed herself for the finishing move the hard ripping wedgie of Ana's red lacy thong. You then sneak up on Autumn and yank her panties far up her butt making her scream at a deafening pitch.
You won, you escaped the enslavement, your were the master of five teenage girls. You let Nastadia down and let everybody pick their wedgie. You went into Autumn's room and picked new clothes for all the girls, their new outfits consisted of thongs and bras. You put each if them into bra connection wedgie, then paired them together but you took Autumn for yourself.
Then you tell one person from the pairs to bend over on the couch, you find 3 belts and handed them the the girls who weren't bending over. You demanded the spanked their partner 25 times and they did as they were told. But after 5 you said stop, you got ductape and put their mouths to stop the screaming then told the girls to continue. 20 more spanked went by before you told them to switch places then 25 for that girl, Autumn got 50 in a row though because you were her partner. After that you took pictures of each of them in that state, red butt, in their massive wedgies. Now you can control them whenever you want you put them all into hanging wedgies until your parents get there. When your parents finally came you tugged on the girls until their underwear ripped. Then you went off can't waiting to control them at school using the pictures.
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