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The Lone Ranger had a perfect malleable sidekick.
Tonto was loyal sidekick for
the masked man called the Lone Ranger.
Pliable while wearing warpaint;
Indian—dismissing danger.

Kemosabe, he would utter
(it meant white shirt in Apache.)
Used as a term of endearment,
it was kindness that came easy.

They would ride the range together
pursuing those who broke the law.
Tonto aligned the Ranger right
based on the horses’ tracks he saw.

Sioux warriors once rode on down
and took the masked man by surprise.
Yet Ranger’s sidekick rescued him—
there was no fear in Tonto’s eyes.

Influenced easily on trails,
Lone Ranger had a friend indeed.
A sidekick of the perfect sort,
in loyalty, content to heed.

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