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It's everywhere. At your fingertips. You can almost taste it. It's your soul. It's Magic.
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Magic ?

come out, come out, wherever you are !

~ ki ~



You have to, you know. If you don't, then it doesn't happen. Really. That's the way it works. Magic resides in your mind. In your thoughts. Pretty much like everything else. There is no reality except that which exists in your mind. I have talked about it before. If you don't like your reality, then it is imperative that you change it. And it is only you that can do such a thing. And if you don't embrace Magic? What then? Well, your life, your reality, just have no Magic at all. And so much the worse for you.

It is truly a tragedy that so many of us lose the ability to have optimism for what will happen in the next moment, the expectations of something wonderful, and exciting, unexpected, and awe-inspiring. Perchance, only to dream, and yet, perchance to bring something into our lives that will change our existence, and make us look at each new day from a different perspective. When you believe in Magic, you believe in the impossible, and sometimes that leads to the possible.

Magic can easily make a so-so life into an Ah-So! life. It can take a dreary life and turn it into an adventure like you never thought possible. You can sit back and just wait for Magic to happen, and if you believe, really believe, at times you will catch a glimpse of that Magic all around you, and it will bring a smile to your heart. It will make you catch your breath and hopefully, it will make you think. It will only make you want more. More Magic. More life.

Encountering Magic is a pleasant experience. But you know what is even more exhilarating? Well, of course, making your own! Do not say it cannot be done, because it can. Those that say it is not possible, they simply have lost the Magic available to them in their own lives. But what about you? I say it is your reality, and you can do whatever you want. If you want Magic in your life, then make it so. The only person that can stop you is .... you guessed it! Only you. So make up your mind to look for the Magic that is all around you. Catch it. Embrace it. Enjoy it. And if it’s not enough, make some of your own, and throw it out there, into the mix. Make a reality that is a joy to wake up to, every day.

Magic is real. And it is a force to be reckoned with. It can be a life-changing experience. You may ask why? It is really quite simple. It is because life IS Magic. Not that life at times contains a little bit 'o Magic here, and sometimes a bit turns up there. Life itself is Magic. Every second of every day. There is nothing that you will ever experience that is more miraculous or more Magical than the journey of life itself!

Every step we take along our Path through life can be a part of that sojourn of the mind that we are all involved in, each and every day. And each one of those steps can be a joy, and a time of learning, and enlightenment. If we let it. If we believe. If we look for the Magic. If we let it out. If we drink it in. If we live our lives the way we know, deep down inside, we should be conducting this journey. It is not easy to find Magic. It is elusive. You have to search for it. Or you have to make it. It will be difficult. I have lost the Magic many times, only to find it once again in some very unexpected and curious places.

It would be a joy to live in Magic all the time. But there are dangers and limitations when one lives too much of their life with Magic. Reality can be a harsh mistress. There are other people that must be dealt with. Other realities, replete with all their fears and insecurities. Some people feel that no one can enjoy something that they cannot. That others have an ability to feel things which they do not feel. They are unhappy that others can live in joy and wonder when they themselves cannot experience it. But it is not that they can’t, it is simply because they do not believe. They are not capable. They do not allow themselves to do so. They think that no one deserves to be that happy, and that Magic does not exist. And they will judge you for it. Many others want to believe, with all their heart, and yet their mind is fearful that they too will be judged, or worse yet, that maybe Magic itself really does not exist, and their future has little hope and expectation of a better path forward. So sad.

And yet, we were all infants and children at one time. The proof of Magic exists in the eyes of a newborn as she begins life, taking in all the wonders and information her little mind and her new senses can experience. As much as she can and as fast as she can. Does she believe in Magic? She does not think in those terms. At the moment she sees nothing BUT Magic. Every moment of her existence is something new. Everything is wondrous. Every single experience of her senses IS Magic!

Or talk to a young child as he starts his exploration of life, along his new and undefined path. Ask him if there are Easter Bunnies or Tooth Fairies. Or monsters under his bed. And of course, ask him about jolly old Saint Nick. These things exist for him. They are part of his reality. They are part of the Magic that live in his reality. And they are real. Because he believes them to be. And so they are. Remember, you make your own Magic sometimes. We all do, or at least we all did.


Why do people lose the magic as they age? It is still there. It will always be there. I realize that life can be difficult. No argument here. Are our problems so burdensome that we reject Magic? And yet the reality of Magic itself would make the burden that much easier to confront if we allowed the Magic to remain, and help create an environment where even the most challenging issues would be just a bit less formidable and daunting. Magic makes life more manageable, and in the end, that creates more time for, well .... more magic. It is a self-fulfilling prophecy, and vastly superior to the one of pessimism and a life of expected drudgery and disappointment. It is all a matter of perspective.

"You know what the issue is with this world? Everyone wants a magical solution to their problem, and everyone refuses to believe in magic."

~ Lewis Carroll ~

It is time to take that next step on your path. Forward or backward. Often it is up to you. Life is a wondrous adventure. I know it does not seem that way at times, but it is. It is all Magic if you really want it to be. If you believe. Go to your place deep inside that I call Alone. Think about Magic. This is where Magic takes form. The mind has difficulty defining and believing Magic. The heart has no difficulty at all, but knows not why. And your soul has all you will ever need, and whenever you want it. All you need to do is ask. And she will never say no. A never-ending supply exists in your imagination. An overflowing amount resides in your love, and nature and life itself is Magic incarnate.

Embrace it. Look for it everywhere, and create some of your own when you find none. You will only be the better for it. Experience life as you go forward. And with each step, whisper the question with eagerness and anticipation.


Come out, come out, wherever you are!

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