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Mindset sets the tone
Your thoughts control your emotions
Your thoughts contribute to your health to a degree
Your mindset
Sets your day ahead
Your week ahead
Your month ahead
Your years ahead

We can compartmentalize any thoughts into boxes in our minds, which is expansive but not infinite (I’ll explain why later) We can also, throw thoughts out of our minds forever if we really want too. Every day, in my career I have to do this, every single day, five days a week. I have to take thoughts - negative unproductive thoughts and throw them out of my mind completely, in order to allow room for positive and motivational thoughts to take precedence. If I don't do this, It will affect my entire day. It will tarnish results that I create and it will affect my mood and emotions. So every day, my brain is trained and tamed to throw out negativity from others and negative thoughts of my own. The moment, someone’s actions, words or thoughts are put onto me, I get rid of those thoughts so they don’t affect my emotions, mood or mindset.

We can even compartmentalize thoughts (memories) into the far recesses of our long term memory. In fact, we have three memory storages. Sensory memory, short-term memory and long-term memory. Our long-term memories are not stored in just one part of the brain, but are widely distributed throughout the cortex. After consolidation, long-term memories are stored throughout the brain as groups of neurons that are primed to fire together in the same pattern that created the original experience, and each component of a memory is stored in the brain area that initiated it (e.g. groups of neurons in the visual cortex store a sight, neurons in the amygdala store the associated emotion, etc). We store memories and we also cannot overload our mind with thoughts or sights seen and each of these different stages of our memory, function as a sort of filter that helps to protect us from the flood of information that confronts us on a daily basis, avoiding an overload of information and helping to keep us sane.

The more the information is repeated or used the more likely it is to store in your long-term memory. Now ask yourself, why allow, repeat or overload your mind, by mulling over negative thoughts and inevitably retaining them as a long term memory? It is just ‘junk’ stored pointlessly within your memories and memories can be revisited. So why would anyone want to revisit that? It serves no purpose but to cause feelings of hurt, pain, depression, fear and births negativity.

Tomorrow is a new day.
Wake up and treat it as such

Positive thoughts breed positive mindsets and also rids fears.
It really is the cure for it, use it every day, it works.

One thing I will say though, which is important and that is to allow yourself to feel sad, annoyed, angry etc with those kind of feelings because releasing them, is healthy. That is acknowledging them and try to learn the difference between wallowing in it and releasing them, try not to rest on them for too long. Use them as a tool, to release the negative energy and then refill with positive thoughts......
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